New Analysis Reveals London Is the 2nd Best City for Creatives

With the UN revealing that the creative economy is projected to reach a global valuation of $985 billion by 2023, it’s no question that creatives have a significant impact on the world and their local communities.

But which cities are the best for creatives? To reveal the creative capitals of the world, BNG ranked 50 cities based on a range of metrics, such as the estimated number of creative roles available, the average yearly salaries for creatives, living costs, and the number of amenities like museums, art galleries, and parks.

Tokyo is the world’s creative capital, with an estimated 54,871 creative jobs.

Japan’s fast-paced capital leads as the best city for creatives, topping the list for several metrics. Out of every city in our analysis, Tokyo has the highest number of creative jobs (54,871), green spaces and parks (671), museums and art galleries (918), and creative classes and workshops (113).

The average salary for creatives in Tokyo is the equivalent of £32,079 or £2,673 per month, which is around £11,000 less than London creatives earn each year (£43,300).

However, the monthly cost of living, excluding rent for a single person in Tokyo, is lower than any other city in the top five at £828.

London, Paris, Chicago, and Toronto complete the top five.