Just 15 minutes a day logging food increases weight loss success

When it comes to losing weight every little helps, and clinically proven strategies are the gold standard. A trial published last week in the journal ‘Obesity’ found that spending just 15–16 minutes per day, over 2–3 log ins led to greater weight loss success over a 6-month period – This is less than two hours total over a week. Using an electronic tracking program can be instrumental in helping people to shed pounds and keep it off, if the program can keep you engaged.

Weight Loss Resources was the first UK-based online tracking tool established back in 2001. After recently updating their app they’ve seen engagement levels from their members increase by almost 25%, which means more tracking shows to be effective.

John Godsland, Technical Director at Weight Loss Resources said: ‘Our new dashboard system has really helped to keep people interested in using the tools, which in turn helps them to see a loss on the scales each week.

Weight Loss Resources has recently updated their app.

Having a system that you actively want to use helps to make sure you’re keeping an eye on your diet, and naturally leads to healthier, lower calorie choices. This new study proves that the more you engage with and use your tracker, the more successful you’ll be in your weight loss journey.

Contrary to popular belief that self-monitoring takes too much time out of our busy schedules, all you need is 15 minutes per day – we should all be able to treat ourselves to 15 minutes dedicated to our own well-being. We deserve it.