Spiritually charged beauty brand Llio launches crystoil

Spiritually charged beauty brand Llio launches crystoil –  essential oils infused with gemstone crystals to create a crystoil elixir.

Invoke the power of crystoil in two ways: shake the bottle adding droplets to a bath, or massage all over your body before stepping into a warm bath or shower. The lush passion flower, apricot and rosehip oils make for deliciously soft nourished skin.

‘Love Yourself Bath & Body Crystoil’ is a blend of rose geranium, orange, lavender and palmarosa. Crystoil is infused with rosehip, passion flower and rose quartz crystals, a gemstone to attract unconditional love.

‘Beauty Sleep Bath & Body Crystoil’ is a blend of lavender, rosewood and geranium charged with amethyst crystals to relax and renew, releasing stress and negative energy.

Ascend to a higher place with ‘Higher Self Bath & Body Crystoil’, a blend of citrus lemon, black pepper, and eucalyptus infused with rosehip, passionflower and Citrine crystals, a high-vibration stone to cleanse negative energies and attract abundance.

‘Magic Centre Bath & Body Oil’ is a blend to ground and balance, with a fusion of vetiver, grapefruit, geranium and vanilla essential oils infused with Obsidian crystals.

We’ve long believed the universe, including you, is all about vibration, whilst meditating with crystals elevates
your vibration. Crystoil helps with those little moments of life to encourage self-love and care, aid sleep, boost energy and is mood enhancing.

Llio is the haute couture of crystal healing; we’re on a mission to encourage more self-love and self-care in the world. Llio hopes to give you the gift of self-love to manifest miracles and magic, as you make a wish with crystoil.