Designer announces new intuitive lifesyle backpack

Melita Latham has today announced the launch of her new backpack line with her eponymous company Melita Latham London. Her lifestyle brand, which offers luxury travel accessories to the global market, has become synonymous over the years with high-quality and impeccable craftsmanship.

The timeless designs have proved both popular and functional among her loyal customer base and the
backpack is the latest in the collection to offer a chic, everyday solution.

Melita Latham London’s backpack was envisioned by Melita Latham herself as she commuted around London.
The bag is designed to provide improved functionality with space and pockets that can hold all of the everyday
essentials, such as laptops, stationery, wallets, umbrellas and keys.

This accessory also contains unique hidden features to help protect the user from urban pickpockets. Due to her
experience travelling around London during rush hour, Melita wanted to ensure that the bag would be lightweight
and comfortable for the individual.

The ergonomic design allows the material to mould seamlessly to the user’s body and the quilted back adds an
extra layer of padding and protection. Ideally suited for all types of individuals, the straps are also adjustable so
that the fit can be customised.

Commenting on the new launch, the company spokesperson stated: ‘We’re delighted to be announcing the
launch of the new Melita Latham London backpack, which we believe will revolutionise how commuters transport
their belongings daily. We pride ourselves on combining the best of style and functionality when we design our
travel accessories and the backpack completely encompasses this goal. Whatever your vocation, this bag will
help to make your life just that little bit less stressful.’