The Latest Updates on Expenses 2 Wealth

Redwood Tax Specialists have saved over 50% on taxes for almost 100% of their clients. JT McDonald Managing Director says over $1 billion in tax savings for small business.

Expenses 2 Wealth will change how you think about paying your bills at your business forever and retirement with more tax free income.

Arbitrage is the name of the game. Banks earn money off the money.

What if you could earn money and instead of having the bank pay your bills,  you could first have it in your own bank to earn money.  Then go to the bill paying bank and pay bills,  all while you are earning on your money and paying bills in the same month.

Yes that would mean you are spending your money 2x to 3x more and earning tax free future income vs having nothing as you do now.

Yes it’s legal and yes its only for the savy business owners with $5,000 or more in expenses each month.  Yes if you have $10,000 or $20,000 or more you can do this also.

If your business is not prepared for the new Biden tax hikes and you need more tax strategies to boost your business profits and your retirement we have solutions for you.

Example of a current case:

  • 45 years old
  • Male
  • 401k is taxed at almost 40%

Solution Expenses 2 Wealth allows for 100% of his tax free income to pay 0%. On income over $500,000 per year from age 65 to 100,  tax free each year and a $1.1 million dollar death benefit whenever he dies based on age 100.

Based on his current plan he will be broke, now he will not have to worry about the sale of the business to live off of.

No worry of successful succession planning. No concern if son wants to take over business.  He only earns $200,000 a year now running business and it’s taxes compared to $500,000 tax free .

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