Kids digital health platform launch event goes global

On 2nd April 2020 at 10:00am MDT, otherwise known as World Autism Awareness Day, The Uncomplicated Family Group will launch the revolutionary Kids Digital Health platform – a subscription-based content service for children that provides caregivers with a trusted source for apps and games that help to engage and improve kid’s brain function through neuroplasticity.


Elected officials, policymakers, health ministers, allied health professionals, physicians, scientists, innovators, academics, industry leaders and the broader global community will tune into this launch event and conversation surrounding the changing public health landscape and the digital age of healthcare from the safety of their homes on World Autism Awareness Day.

This virtual launch event and fireside chat will feature speakers from Canada, USA, Belgium, South Korea, France, and Turkey – showcasing the importance of global, collective action when it comes to the future of public health. These experts will bring their global perspectives to topics ranging from research, engagement, technology and data, clinical validation, accessibility, safety and international collaboration.


Thursday 2nd April 2020 from 10:00am-11:00am MDT


The event is organised and curated by The Uncomplicated Family Group, featuring speakers:

  • Dr Sara Macoun, R.Psych., PhD; Assistant Professor, University of Victoria Department of Psychology (Canada)
  • Dr Robin De Croon, Postdoctoral Researcher. HCI Research Group at KU Leuven (Belgium)
  • Keunpil Roh, Chief Technology Officer at Woorisoft Inc. (South Korea)
  • Robyn Woods (Henderson), founder and CEO at The Uncomplicated Family Corporate Group (Canada)
  • Gerald Youngblood, co-founder and CEO of Tankee (US)
  • Philippe Letellier, Vice Chairman of ITEA (France)
  • Zeynep Sarilar, Chairwoman of ITEA (Turkey)


The launch of the Kids Digital Health platform is the culmination of three years of international research and development, and represents the best of what is known in brain science and children’s digital health today. The platform is breaking new ground in the space of digital health, serving children and families with complex needs.

Now more than ever, digital health solutions are needed. As the global crisis surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to reconsider the ways in which we gather and connect, it has also prompted us to address the changing public health landscape. This virtual, global launch event will unite leaders, communities and families across the globe to participate in this digital movement.


Media is invited to attend at any time during the event. Experts and organisers are also available for live interviews via Demio/Zoom. Registration link.