Interiors Experts Reveal How to Achieve the Mermaidcore Look in Your Home

While the Mermaidcore aesthetic originally gained popularity in fashion, it’s becoming the ‘Crustaceancore’ of 2023, with views on the hashtag #Mermaidcore having increased by over +100% in the past week.

Users are also flocking to Pinterest to get inspired, with searches for ‘Mermaidcore’ on the aesthetic visual platform up by +97%. So, to help you achieve the elegant summer aesthetic, experts at bathroom specialist Sanctuary Bathrooms, and carpet and flooring specialist Tapi, have shared five tips below.

Tips from James Roberts, director at Sanctuary Bathrooms, and Johanna Constantinou, Brand and Communications director at Tapi.

Textures of the sea

Johanna says: “Mermaidcore is essentially bringing nautical elements of the sea into your home. Think about the textures you see by the shore and mirror them to fit into each room of your home. Fish scales are smooth, bright and iridescent and will add extra depth to your interior.”

James adds: “You can recreate the shimmering aspect of Mermaidcore by adding brushed gold or silver fittings and fixtures. It’s an expensive-looking aesthetic, but it doesn’t have to cost a bomb to achieve through small changes.”

The ‘Mermaidcore’ colour palette

James says: “Start by selecting a colour palette that resembles the coral reef – corals, pinks, aquas, and turquoise. A great option for Mermaidcore is marble because the pattern resembles moving water. Consider incorporating marble-effect tiles in the walls or flooring or as a finish on your basin or countertop. Take it further by choosing a marble effect with a shimmering streak running throughout.”

Johanna adds: “Pearl is a luxury natural material epitomising Mermaidcore and a great focal point. The luminous and iridescent colour palette can add glamour to your home at an accessible price point. The material can be used for bathroom tiling, dazzling borders in flooring or pearl edges on mirrors or trinket trays.”

Incorporate nautical vibes into your flooring

Johanna says: “Vinyl flooring is a great introduction to the trend. Atom Indra replicates the sea, while Arcadia Rossi provides a swimming pool-like finish for your bathroom. With carpets, bring seaside-inspired colours inside any room of your home with emerald or marine blue tones.”

Adding Mermaidcore luxury through fittings

James says: “A rainfall shower can also help create that luxurious Mermaidcore vibe in the bathroom, and it’s becoming popular among homeowners who want to relish their shower time more.”

Mermaidcore is an elegant aesthetic, and a great way to add elegance to your bathroom is by adding a freestanding bath, where possible. These come in various colours other than your standard porcelain white and can be a fantastic focal point to draw in all your mermaid-themed elements.”

Take inspiration from your zodiac sign

“We recently spoke with an astrologer who gave us some insight into how each zodiac sign would style their dream bathroom based on trends we’ve seen recently. These have been brought to life in 3D renders using existing products, and it’s evident that Mermaidcore is perfect for water signs! Cancer and Pisces homeowners, in particular, would enjoy this aesthetic.”