Interiors Expert Reveals How to Replicate Regina George’s Room

Purple is a versatile colour that can evoke a sense of luxury, creativity, and calmness, depending on the shade and how it’s used. From deep and moody purples like eggplant or plum to lighter lavender or lilac hues, select shades that suit your style and the mood you want to create in your space.

Consider layering the different shades to add depth to your space by mixing and matching the textures of furniture, decorative items, and accessories. For example, pair plum velvet furniture with plush lavender cushions, lilac-patterned carpets, and voile curtains.

Statement piece

To subtly add purple to your interior space, incorporate statement furniture or accessories such as plush sofas, armchairs, and dressing tables in this shade. If you’re looking to replicate something from Regina’s room, add a dusty purple platform under your bed for the perfect statement piece, as seen in Mean Girls.

However, if you want something bold yet simple, opt for a purple accent wall or an all-over look, because making a statement can be as simple as painting walls!

Pair with shades of pink

Pink is also another dominant colour in the Mean Girls universe, so what better way to channel your inner Regina George than by pairing it with purple?

Whether you opt for an extravagant maximalism approach with pink walls and purple furniture or be more subtle with pink furniture complemented by purple accessories and accents, there are many ways of creating a balanced look.

For a more cohesive and layered look, consider pairing your sofa or bed with a luxurious deep pink satin or wool throw, adorned with textured pillows in both shades. To elevate this even further, you can add pink roses to purple vases strategically placed on the coffee or side table.


For a touch of abstraction, take inspiration from Regina’s distinctive patchwork sofas. Crafted from unconventional scraps of fabrics featuring a range of colours and patterns, these pieces offer a unique look.

Incorporating a purple, pink, and red sofa, armchair, or even a footstool to enhance your space. If you’re inclined to extend the patchwork theme to your flooring, opt for a pink and purple patchwork rug – the ideal addition for a Mean Girls-inspired look with a distinctive twist.

Johanna adds: “The popularity of #purplehomedecor is undoubtedly linked to the cultural phenomenon surrounding the Mean Girls musical. Purple, being the signature colour of the production, has sparked a wave of creativity among fans who are eager to bring a touch of this iconic aesthetic into their own homes. Our selection of pink and purple carpets will help you add a touch of colour in your home.”