Interior Experts Shares 5 Unconventional DIY Projects to Try This Autumn

Despite second-hand September being over, searches for “upcycle” are up to 29% in the past day alone, proving that demand is not slowing down. Additionally, searches for ‘DIY Christmas gifts’ are up to 200% in the last 30 days, suggesting people are looking ahead to Christmas, with an eye on their budget and the environment.

When someone says “upcycling”, you may immediately think of an old chest of drawers, a dresser or a bedside table being given a new lease of life. Likewise, with a DIY project, it’s not all power tools and home renovations — there are so many niche upcycling ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

In fact, Stacey Solomon proved this point, hitting the headlines this week with a beautiful upcycled dolls’ house for her daughter’s second birthday.

If you’re feeling inspired to roll up your sleeves and get creative, interiors and DIY experts, Plank Hardware, reveal five unconventional and unique DIY and upcycling projects you can try at home this autumn.

Five unconventional projects to try at home

  • Table riser. Simply took a wooden charcuterie board and superglued four unique knobs to the base, to create a bespoke table riser for the next dinner party.
  • Drinks’ tray or drinks’ trolley. Adding brass handles to the sides of a vintage tray and along the edges of a drinks’ trolley gave the bar-room a cohesive vintage aesthetic.

  • Record shelf. Attaching a scalloped edge pull handle to your wall and using the lip as a wall shelf offers a unique way to display your favourite record, displaying your record sleeve like a piece of art on your wall.

  • Guitar upcycle. Transform the look and feel of your guitar by replacing your guitar volume and tone control knobs with your choice of cupboard knobs to transform its vibe and make it a little more personalised.

  • A custom ashtray. Adding a knob to the centre of an ashtray gave a cool edge. This personalised upgrade makes this a great gifting item you can create yourself effortlessly.

Tom Revill, DIY expert and co-founder of Plank Hardware, said: “Upcycling is a huge trend, perhaps even more so in the wake of the cost of living crisis. Celebrities in the public eyes like Stacey Solomon are showing that you can upcycle almost anything so why not get creative with your DIY?

Whether you give an item a new lease of life, like Stacey’s doll house, or you transform one thing into something completely different, like handles used as quirky shelves to house your records and prints, you can achieve the look of new, if not even better, with a little bit of creative thinking.”

Encouraging us to ‘get a handle on our homes’, Plank Hardware have plenty of upcycling ideas and home renovation tips, over on their site.