Interior Experts Share How to Incorporate the Urban Jungle Trend into Your Home

While the urban jungle trend has been around for a while, it has returned to the interior space once again. Bringing the outside in, think botanical prints, jungle wallpaper, and live foliage.

With the hashtag #urbanjungle bringing in over 700m views, experts at carpet and flooring specialist Tapi, have shared five tips below on achieving the vibrant Urban Jungle aesthetic in your home.

Incorporate animal print

With a jungle theme, it’s no surprise to see an explosion of animal prints, animal décor and safari-themed art. You can incorporate the jungle with animal décor by buying animal sculptures and printed fabrics for cushion covers.

Think reds, pinks, yellows and greens to inject fun into any space. Homes are becoming greener, and the premise of this trend is to be loud and daring; you can choose alternatives such as animal wall prints if you prefer a minimalist approach.

Make use of the earth colour palette

With the urban jungle theme comes the gorgeous earth colour palette. Think earthy tones like leafy, sage, brown, beige olive and eucalyptus paired with herbaceous greens.

The trend is a nod to our natural surroundings and can be used in all home rooms. For bedrooms, having a touch of green outside can be beneficial in helping you wind down before the end of the day.

In bathrooms, it can help to create a calming atmosphere, perfect for when you want to relax during a bath.

The benefits of plants

The quickest way to transform your space into an urban jungle is to fill it with many houseplants. Buy a few different plants in various sizes to create a playful environment. Create contrasting effects by playing on the height difference.

Place some on the ground, some on the windowsill, wooden stools and even a plant hanger. The natural materials will help to radiate tranquillity and positivity in your chosen spaces.

Sometimes one large monstera or palm tree is enough to turn the entire interior into a home jungle.

Natural flooring

As the trend has a natural aura, you need your flooring to maintain fluid movement. A natural look will create a warm effect. For example, a stone floor will add an element of rusticity, or if you want a low-maintenance option, laminate or vinyl will produce the look and feel of a wooden floor.

If you prefer carpets, a light green carpet will brighten darker rooms with a natural earth tone, especially in rooms with less natural light.

Layer your approach

Layer your approach by using macramé hangers from the ceiling with pots of Fearne and arching stems, and then utilise any shelves to showcase a selection of pots and textures. This allows you to use all the space you’ve got to immerse any room into the trend fully.