Interest in Pumpkin Picking Surges in the UK as Dog Owners Seek Out the Most Canine-Friendly Patches

As autumn’s crisp air fills the streets and Halloween fast approaches, Brits are on the hunt for the perfect pumpkin. Recent data reveals a significant rise in online searches related to pumpkin picking, with many UK residents keen to make the most of the season.

Online search trends reveal growing popularity

Online searches for “pumpkin picking” have witnessed a remarkable increase, with numbers reaching 123,000 over the past month. This represents a 64% growth week on week. Furthermore, the query “pumpkin picking near me” has also seen a 30% uptick, suggesting a strong local interest in this seasonal activity.

HelloFresh ranks top dog-friendly pumpkin patches

HelloFresh, the renowned meal box delivery company, has stepped in to provide pumpkin enthusiasts with a comprehensive guide to the best pumpkin picking patches in the UK. Their research, which reviewed 100 pumpkin patches, aimed to determine the top five most dog-friendly sites. The rating system considered a range of factors, from dog-friendliness and follower count to average family admission costs, search volume, and other attractions.

The UK’s favourite dog-friendly patches

Here are the top five pumpkin patches, guaranteed to offer both you and your four-legged friend a memorable experience:

  1. Pumpkin Picking Village, Marsh Farm, Essex. This site offers an extensive selection of pumpkins and is renowned for its canine-friendly environment.
  2. Trentham Gardens, Staffordshire. A beautiful location, Trentham Gardens ensures that both families and their furry companions have a delightful time picking their perfect pumpkin.
  3. Cattows Farm, Leicestershire. With sprawling fields and a variety of pumpkins to choose from, Cattows Farm is a must-visit for those in the region.
  4. Tulleys Farm, Surrey. Known for its welcoming atmosphere, Tulleys Farm ensures that dogs and their owners have a fantastic pumpkin picking adventure.
  5. Cairnie Fruit Farm & Mega Maze, Scotland. This site offers more than just pumpkin picking. With a mega maze to explore, it’s a fun-filled destination for the entire family.

Delightful Pumpkin Recipes from HelloFresh

Once you’ve selected the ideal pumpkin, why not get creative in the kitchen? HelloFresh encourages families to indulge in some scrumptious pumpkin recipes. From the warming Pumpkin Soup to the refreshing Chicken and Avocado Salad with Pumpkin Seeds, there’s something for everyone. For those with a sweet tooth, the Chocolate Pumpkin Thumbprint Cookies are a must-try. As Halloween draws near, HelloFresh is also offering limited edition recipes. Dive into the Graveyard Beef and Onion Pie or enjoy the spooky Spider Web Quesadillas for a ghoulishly tasty feast.

For more insights on the top pumpkin picking regions in the UK and inventive ways to use pumpkin leftovers, HelloFresh’s comprehensive guide is a must-read.