Infographic: How Social Media Transformed Photography

As photo-printing specialists, Max Spielmann can’t help but keep an eye on photographic trends. And without a doubt, one of the biggest revolutions to the industry has come in the form of social media apps, and it’s safe to say that things have changed tremedously.
So how exactly has social media evolved the photography world as we know it? Let’s dive into the numbers on photo sharing on social media – from the trillions of photos taken, to the boom of “being real” – and how it’s influenced the way we produce and share photos we love.
social media infographic

Social media has not only multiplied the volume of photographs taken but has also nurtured a culture of authenticity and connection through “being real”. The impact is a double-edged sword as the sheer number of photos can sometimes overshadow the artistry; however, it also creates avenues for countless aspiring photographers and enthusiasts to share and hone their craft.

Social media has democratised photography, making it accessible and interactive for everyone. It’s imperative that as we continue to evolve with these changes, we embrace the positive aspects while staying mindful of preserving the heart and soul of photography. Max Spielmann, with its rich heritage in photo-printing, remains committed to fostering the timeless essence of photographs, bridging the cherished past with the dynamic present and the promising future.