Hypoallergenic Dogs – The Best Breeds for People with Allergies

Just because you’re allergic to dogs doesn’t mean you can’t be a happy and healthy dog owner.

There are plenty of four-legged friends to choose from that won’t leave you with a sniffly nose, watery eyes, or an itchy throat – Harringtons, natural dog foods suggests the most popular hypoallergenic dog breeds and find which one would suit you best.

But first, what’s the difference between normal and hypoallergenic dog breeds?

Hypoallergenic dog breeds don’t shed much or any of their fur, in compassion to non-hypoallergenic ones.

Most people with dog allergies show little to no symptoms around hypoallergenic dogs as what causes their reactions – skin particles known as dander – aren’t released into the air on malting fur as much as with other breeds, which dramatically reduces allergic reactions.

Are hypoallergenic dogs completely allergen-free?

In short – no – there are no completely allergen-free dogs. If a dog is labelled hypoallergenic, they’re from a breed that is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction due to the minimal amount they shed.

But many dog owners with allergies can own a hypoallergenic breed without problems, leading happy and healthy lives alongside man’s best friend.

Popular hypoallergenic dog breeds


A favourite with families, and for a good reason. A cross-breed between the loving labrador and hardworking poodle, these dogs are both playful and intelligent and have inherited the non-malting qualities of their poodle bloodline.


Famous for their distinctive haircut, these German farm dogs are known for their companionship and come in three sizes: miniature, standard and giant.


Incredibly loving and affectionate, these playful puppies make great companions for older people as they don’t require as much exercise as other breeds.

Bichon Frise

These charming French dogs boast fluffy white curls that won’t make your nose itch. They require quite a bit of maintenance to maintain that bouncy, almost cloud-like look, but it’s worth it!


A classic lap dog, these playful pups love cuddling up to their owners. Small in stature, their white coats can be grown or kept short – depending on how much maintenance you prefer.


Originating as African hunting dogs, these intelligent short-haired pups have a cat-like demeanour in that they clean themselves.

Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier

Popular with families, these Irish farm dogs are intelligent and energetic but also make excellent therapy dogs who are easily trained and obedient.

West Highland Terrier

Also known as Westies, they’re a Scottish breed famous for their glossy white coats and curious and playful temperament.

Afghan Hound

These gentle giants prove you don’t have to think small when looking for hypoallergenic breeds.

Although they don’t shed, these elegant dogs need regular grooming to keep their long coats in good condition.

You can choose from many more hypoallergenic dog breeds; they come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Find the perfect one for you and your family by researching what will work best for your home and schedule.

Consider how much space they’ll need, how long their walks will need to be and their nature around children, among other factors – do your research, and you’re sure to find your paw-perfect match.

Can dogs have allergies too?

Just like people, dogs can have dietary sensitivities to various foods. An elimination diet or allergy test from the vet should be able to give a better indication of triggering ingredients and differentiate between an allergy and a sensitivity.

Here at Harringtons, our range of dog foods provides a balanced, tasty meal full of natural goodness and packed with plenty of minerals and vitamins.

With natural and grain-free options, you’re sure to find something that keeps your dog and its tummies happy.