Thrivve launches crowdfunding campaign for hydration tracking bottle app

Thrivve, the most eco-friendly hydration tracking bottle thoughtfully designed to help users feel better, do better, and live better, today announced the upcoming launch of its crowdfunding campaign, which will start on 22 October 2019.

The Thrivve system is transformational in how it’s built, how it’s used, and how it will make users feel. The bottle takes the thinking out of drinking, so users can focus on the doing. The Thrivve hydration bottle comes with a smart lid connected to the Thrivve app, with an intuitive light ring that helps form healthy habits. Users simply double tap the light ring on top of the bottle to get progress snapshots without the need to look at the app, saving time and mental load. 

Founded by mum of two, Cerise Bird in 2018, Thrivve’s goal is to make wellness simple again, without needing to worry about our impact on the planet. Waste from electronics is the fastest growing waste stream, which is why Thrivve has designed its bottle with the environment in mind, without compromising on performance, style or durability.

‘We only have one body and one planet; we need to take care of them both,’ says Cerise Bird, founder of Thrivve. ‘We believe by making thoughtful electronics that inspire and encourage people to think differently and do differently, that we can make a meaningful change to everyday lives and the future of our planet.’

The Thrivve bottle is stylish, built to last and easy to repair, anti-leak, and the Thrivve app will help users set personal hydration goals and automatically sends how much they drink to other health and fitness apps. And with the app’s find-your-bottle feature, users will never need to worry about losing their Thrivve bottle. The bottle is BPA-free and the lid is designed so that it can be replaced in segments over time and updated easily, meaning users can keep on using it for years. Thrivve users can enjoy cold water for up to 24 hours thanks to a durable stainless steel vacuum design that can withstand even the most adventurous of days. 

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