The “Homes Under the Hammer” Star Who Is Changing the Way We Buy and Sell Property

Meet Moses Bright, the resilient entrepreneur shaping the future of the property industry. Despite the challenging loss of a parent in childhood, Moses’ journey has evolved into a tale of triumph and innovation within the UK’s real estate landscape.

Raised in Nigeria amid familial transitions, Mose’s longing for stability fuelled an unyielding determination. Relocating to the UK at 14, he encountered racial adversity in Thamesmead, Southeast London. Converting these challenges into opportunities, he emerged as a figure of support for fellow students facing similar struggles.

Drawn to the allure of architecture, initially instilled by his mother, his academic pursuits in dance and performing arts at Roehampton University soon intersected with destiny. A pivotal conversation with a UK millionaire, featured in “Undercover Millionaires”, emerged as the catalyst that rekindled Moses’s passion for property, profoundly influencing and shaping his vision in a meaningful direction.

Driven by a desire to alleviate the complexities of property transactions and the loss of his father to cancer at seven years old, Moses founded Announce Property in 2019. The company introduced a revolutionary 360-degree concierge service, streamlining the buying and selling process. This innovative approach consolidated various facets of real estate under one roof, sparing clients the typical hassle and expenses and catapulting the company into a prominent market position.

Moses’ success story, highlighted by a prominent appearance on “Homes Under the Hammer”, underscores his journey’s cinematic quality. His unique narrative, embellished with numerous triumphs in the property realm, has drawn attention from both TV producers and media outlets.