Haglöfs Challenges Consumers to Buy Nothing New This Black Friday

In recent years, Haglöfs’ Green Friday initiative has become well-known for taking a stand against the environmental and social perils of excessive consumption. The company has closed down shops and web stores on the most notorious shopping day of the year, and last year even increased its prices, while giving profits to environmental charities.

This year is no different with Haglöfs taking the opportunity to promote the option of the second hand as the most responsible choice this Black Friday. The sale of new products will be restricted by closing down its web store and all of the Haglöfs brand stores apart from the Stockholm store.

On Green Friday this year, visitors to the Haglöfs brand store in Stockholm will get a chance to try out and purchase the new second-hand collection, Haglöfs Restored, as part of a strictly limited teaser. The regular Haglöfs product line will not be sold in the store on that day. The Haglöfs Restored collection will also get its digital debut on the company’s Instagram page.

Haglöfs’ message is simple: if you have to buy something on the most aggressively sales-focused day of the year, take a stand and buy second-hand.

Fredrik Ohlsson, CEO of Haglöfs, says: ‘Our new Haglöfs Restored collection is as functional and good-looking as our regular collection, but has an added environmental benefit. By restoring items which would otherwise be neglected or discarded – and giving them a new lease of life – we’re directly saving on waste, emissions and water in the manufacturing process, and keeping still-premium materials out of the landfill. We’re making the most of what we already have by providing second-hand gear for first-hand adventures.’

For the Haglöfs Restored concept, Haglöfs has partnered up with The Renewal Workshop, a leading provider of circular solutions for apparel and textile brands. Products which still have life in them but would otherwise go to waste are cleaned, repaired, reproofed and restored to Haglöfs standards, before being added to the Haglöfs Restored collection.

Haglöfs Restored will launch officially in FW21 and is part of a wider program of initiatives aimed at extending the useful life of Haglöfs gear, to be presented to the consumer in 2021.