Green Wellness Hotels with Natural Cosmetics

Holidaymakers are choosing sustainable hotels because they wish to contribute to environmental protection, eat healthily and do something good for themselves both on the inside and the outside. This is increasingly true for the use of skin care products as well.

Those who consciously choose organic food and respectful treatment of nature prefer natural cosmetics without harsh, man-made ingredients – for a natural and eco-friendly wellness experience. In this newsletter, we present which cosmetic lines our Green Pearls partners carry in their hotels and which hotels have even created their own line of products.

Rehlegg: With all the power of nature

The Berghotel Rehlegg is nestled in the middle of the pristine nature of the Berchtesgadener Land. When you’re surrounded by meadows filled with flowers and mountain herbs – why not use what grows right on your doorstep? This sounds simple but requires sound knowledge about the properties and effects of the plants and the best way to prepare them.

Doris Hasenknopf, the ‘herb fairy’ of the Berghotel Rehlegg, has this know-how. She has harvested, mixed and tested and last year launched the Rehlegger Kräuterfee Naturkosmetik (Rehlegger Herb Fairy) cosmetics line to the market!

The list of ingredients reads like the menu for the evening meal: Apricot, walnut, raspberry, rosehip seed oil, cucumber, coriander or mint. Add to this soothing plant extracts and nourishing active ingredients such as yarrow, beeswax, almond oil, urea, clay and kaolin. The Rehlgger herbal cosmetics are tested and mixed in the company’s own laboratory, which meets the strict legal requirements and guidelines for the production of natural cosmetics.

All products are handmade, absolutely freshly prepared and are well suited to even those with the most sensitive skin. Anyone who has wandered across the green meadows around the hotel in Ramsau near Berchtesgaden during the day and later looks over the shoulders of the staff through the peephole during production will experience a thoroughly natural cosmetic experience. The products are also used in the spa area and are available via the online shop.

CERVO: Care for body and soul 

The Mountain Ashram Spa at CERVO Mountain Resort in Zermatt also uses its own natural, vegan, cruelty-free cosmetics line. Inspired and refined with the alpine herbs from the surrounding area and other local products. The synergy and effect of the products are inspired by Ayurvedic healing and have a calming, energising or detoxifying effect.

The cosmetics and oils perfectly complement the holistic treatment approach of the Mountain Ashram Spa. There is a line for women with ‘Alpine Woman Apricot Sensation’ and even a separate cosmetics series for men with ‘Pioneer Man Alpine Herbs’. In addition, there are other series such as the moisturising series ‘Aloe Vera ‘, or the ‘Flow and Ayurveda Massage Oils’. Further products are currently in development. The CERVO has equipped the hotel rooms and bathrooms of the restaurants with products from the sustainable Swiss manufacturer Soeder.

ADLER Spa: Nature, innovation, beauty

The ADLER SPA Aktiv cosmetics line relies on the best ingredients from three different regions of Italy, home to the ADLER Resorts & Lodges: Grapes and thermal water from Tuscany for their preventative and nourishing properties, flowers and plants from South Tyrol to protect and regenerate the skin cells, and citrus fruits, algae extracts and seawater from Sicily for cleansing and detoxification.

Only raw materials from organically controlled cultivation are used for the ADLER cosmetics line, which is free of preservatives and dyes. Innovative technology ensures considerate cultivation, sustainable processing and the refinement of naturally pure raw materials into textures that are easily absorbed.

Maslina Resort: Healing plants from their own garden 

At the Maslina Resort in Croatia, most of the herbs and oils used in the care products in the spa and in the rooms come from the resort’s own organic garden. Since the resort opened in 2020, organic vegetables, herbs and medicinal plants have been grown on an area of 8,000 square metres. Over the years, an aromatic paradise with delicious and healing plants for the kitchen and the spa area of the wellness resort has been created.

Well-known brands and great expertise

Many hotels that do not produce their own cosmetics line fall back on the proven competence of well-known manufacturers. The Schlosshotel Blankenburg, which provides sustainable cosmetics in the rooms as well as in the spa area, uses the natural care products of Pharmos Natur. The Pharmos products make use of the regenerative effects of selected medicinal and rejuvenating plants and are particularly suitable for sensitive skin. The spa menu of the Schlosshotel includes many facial and body treatments according to the Pharmos Natur method.

Guests at the Bio-Seehotel Zeulenroda also enjoy treatments with Pharmos Natur products. The spa team of the green wellness hotel at the Zeulenrodaer Sea in Thuringia also rely on cosmetics from KURLAND and DALTON MARINE COSMETICS in order to be able to use the right product for every skin type and concern. The Bavarian manufacturer KURLAND draws on proven findings from natural medicine and herbalism and transforms these formulas into modern, contemporary products.

Active ingredients from the sea

The base of DALTON MARINE COSMETICS products is Celumer sea extract. The company has many years of experience in the field of marine cosmetics. At the Bio-Seehotel Zeulenroda, the revitalising extract is used in a detox pack or a body scrub.

Guests of the Mawell Resort can book a very special ‘Freshness Kick’, because the wellness hotel in Langenburg offers facial treatments with THALGO products. THALGO is a combination of the Greek word for sea (Greek: thalasso) and the French word for algae (French: algues). For 50 years, the company has specialised in researching active maritime cosmetics with powerful active ingredients from the depths of the sea.

THALGO is also part of the natural cosmetics lineup used at the OCÉANO Heath Spa Hotel in Tenerife, especially in the spa facial treatments. The spa and health package of the health hotel is maritime through and through, which is only strengthened by its location directly on the Atlantic. The hotel uses the healing power of seawater, salts and algae not only for cosmetic products but also in the form of various thalassotherapy treatments.

Small manufacturers big sustainability pioneers

The Naturresort Schindelbruch has currently decided to break new ground and will soon be using products from Vinoble. The products are vegan, sustainable, intensively nourishing and unisex – and are produced in their own factory in Austria. The active ingredient cosmetics use the power of the grape and are based on the ancient knowledge of traditional European medicine with a focus on vinotherapy.

For the Naturhotel Aufatmen in Leutasch, there were two important criteria when selecting their cosmetic products: organic and minimal travel distances. They, therefore, decided on the products of the Tyrolean company Pure Green Cosmetic. Pure, natural cosmetics that are vegan and produced without animal testing.

A renowned smaller label is SUSANNE KAUFMANN TM Kosmetik, which is used at the Strandhaus Boutique Resort & Spa. The exclusive line from Bezau in the Bregenz region follows the holistic approach that the entire understanding of beauty, health and general physical well-being is rooted in the power of nature.

The aim of the skincare range is to strengthen the natural functions of the skin. The label also takes a pioneering role with regard to natural and organic production and sustainable packaging. All SUSANNE KAUFMANN TM products are also available at the spa reception of the boutique hotel which itself sits directly in the Spreewald Biosphere Reserve on the Spree River.

The possibilities to strengthen skin, body and soul with the help of nature are numerous and diverse. This can also be seen in other Green Pearls partners. For example, the products selected for spa treatments at CERF Island Resort are based on essential oils from plants found in the surrounding nature, a truly organic product that uses the natural environment of the Maldives as inspiration for its range of treatments.

The Puri Dajuma Cottages & Spa in Bali also focuses on 100% natural, with essential oil formulations made from regional products such as coconut oil, jungle honey, lemon, cucumber and banana, processed and applied with knowledge passed down through generations.