GoCaps Offers the Best Empty Hard Capsules for the Pharmaceutical Industry

GoCaps GmbH added new colours to its range and set trends in the B2B hard capsule market. Colours arouse attention, emotions, and expectations. It uses the power of colours naturally for empty hard capsules.

In contrast to their synthetic or nature-identical counterparts, vegetable colourants are obtained from plants. This trend resulted in the new ‘natural colours’ range, consisting of three colour variants for the hard capsules from GoCaps GmbH in Germany, with even more colour variants to follow.

The natural purple-coloured HPMC K-Caps ‘purple natural’ (vegan hard capsules made from cellulose HPMC) is obtained from carrots. The yellow hard capsule ‘yellow natural’, coloured with an extract from safflower, and the blue hard capsule ‘blue natural’, whose natural colouring is obtained from the blue algae of Spirulina, are in contrast to conventionally used colourants, all with the great advantage of doing without an E number.

They meet current market trends, fulfil the needs for more naturalness and responsible consumption and at the same time support innovative product positioning.

The natural-coloured capsules are free of TiO2. This trend has not only become popular since the recent legislative changes to be expected. In addition, the hard capsules are allergen-free, odourless and tasteless, easy to fill, not irradiated and last but not least Kosher / Halal.

With this commitment, GoCaps is again committed to its corporate responsibility for people and future-oriented action. For years the company has been committed to the sustainable constitution of social conditions and values ​​combined with the highest quality standards.

‘Anyone who offensively faces up to a socially oriented and high-quality product can realise enormous opportunities for new growth,’ says Robert Bos, commercial director of Europe. ‘Consumption with a clear conscience is increasingly becoming a way of life for consumers.’

The other certifications also show the fact that GoCaps works to the highest standards: The manufacturer’s company is certified, the raw materials used meet the requirements of the various pharmacopoeias such as USP / NF and EP, as well as all other regulatory standards of the different regional markets on which the products are sold worldwide. In addition, the production facilities are also GMP and ISO certified.