NUS President addresses global climate strikers

Today thousands gathered in London and thousands more across the nation to support the Global Climate Strike action, led by UKSCN, children and young people from across the globe. This has been going from strength-to-strength over this year with a build towards this day with the start of a week of climate action from 20–27 September.

NUS has supported the movement from the beginning, encouraging the UK government and all those in positions of power across the nations to hear the voices of young people and to act.

NUS President, Zamzam Ibrahim, along with other full-time officers turned out in various locations up and down the country, from London to Edinburgh and Sheffield to Manchester. Zamzam addressed the crowd in London from an open topped bus, with other key speakers and followed on from Jeremy Corbyn.

Afterwards she said: ‘I am proud that NUS has been supporting this revolutionary movement from the very beginning. Today, right here in London and around the world, we represent but a part of a global mass movement which is going to avert climate disaster.

‘Together we are saying we will never accept our planet dying, we will never accept that destruction is inevitable, and we will never accept that we are powerless. Our power comes from all of us striking across the world.

‘At NUS we know what we can achieve when we work together, we know we can build a better world, a better society, and a new greener future. NUS at its core believes we can change the world through education.’