Tackling global blindness with fundraising for Sightsavers

On 28th September 2019, staff at Feel Good Contacts will participate in a 5K and 10K run taking place at Lee Valley Velo Park to fundraise for Sightsavers.

Sightsavers protects millions of the world’s poorest people from avoidable blindness and debilitating diseases, and works with people with disabilities to claim their rights, and play an equal role in society.

There are two main ways in which you can support and raise money to help restore sight to thousands of disadvantaged people around the world.

From 2nd September 2019 donations can be made via:

  • Just Giving – You can donate directly via their official Just Giving fundraising page
  • Instagram – If you prefer social media, you can watch our stories to donate there too. The minimum donation on Instagram is £5.
  • Sightsavers – Donate directly to the charity and support Feel Good Contacts

Ed Hennessy, Corporate Relationships Manager at Sightsavers states: ‘We’re thrilled to have the support of Feel Good Contacts. By buying eye care products, Feel Good Contacts customers will also be helping Sightsavers to protect and restore sight, and improve the lives of people with disabilities in some of the world’s poorest countries.’

Any donation could help Sightsavers to screen the eyes of more people for sight-limiting conditions. You will be helping to achieve the worldwide goal of changing lives for the better.

Nimesh Shah, Marketing Director at Feel Good Contacts, comments: ‘Feel Good Contacts is proud to be participating in a sponsored run to raise money for Sightsavers. Members of the Feel Good Contacts team will take part in 5K and 10K runs organised by Run Through UK. We admire the work of Sightsavers, who are dedicated to protecting the sight of people in some of the world’s poorest countries, and campaigning for those with disabilities, so that they may have equal participation in society.’

With 285 million living with vision impairments around the world, join us in making a difference!