Game-Changing TikTok Dad Hack: Say Goodbye to Damp, Mould, and Condensation

Given the prevalence of social media in our daily lives, it will come as no surprise that even tips for making homes healthier can be obtained from some harmless scrolling. Ventilation experts i-sells were ecstatic to recently see a video go viral on TikTok that supports their mission of saying goodbye to damp and mould for good!

Willmill19 posted his eye-opening video to TikTok, which has received more than 80,000 views in recent weeks. The innovative video showcases how installing positive input ventilation (PIV) in his loft has eliminated condensation issues he had been struggling with. With a wide array of these ventilation products on offer, i-sells have long advocated for using this form of technology to eliminate the issue of dampness in an affordable way.

Using positive energy to get rid of dampness

If you haven’t heard of a PIV, the magic behind the technology is likely still a mystery. PIV systems use the method of ventilating a whole house or property with a single unit. Instead of purely providing the extraction method that most ventilation fans offer, these units bring in fresh air, which is then distributed throughout a building. This proves highly effective when eliminating dampness at its root cause, as the external air flow provides a dry and ventilated environment.

Although ventilation units do work brilliantly for larger properties or those who have a mould problem, PIV solutions are the best option to choose. Positive pressure means that the entire property is always balanced, no matter the weather.

Damp becomes a real problem for households in the colder months as the brisk air meets the warmer interior. If left to develop, not only can homes experience permanent and costly damage, but harm is often experienced to individuals’ health. By installing these units in the attic space, the ventilation can spread throughout an entire building, regardless of size or layout. They are also particularly beneficial for older properties that do not have the advanced ventilation technologies of modern homes. Furthermore, due to the ease of fitting, they are preferred for more traditional homes as no extensive building work is required.

Willmill19 has been quoted as saying, “I used to have a dehumidifier and tried all of those little tricks with mould remover. But last winter, I installed a PIV unit up in the loft.

It takes filtered air from the loft and just has a constant blast of filtered air that comes out. That slight bit of filtered air will make the house ever so slightly positive and constantly ventilate our house.”

Choose your PIV before the harsh weather

I-sells has been providing quality PIV units for a long time now and has developed a strong collection of products over that time. From smaller units to large versions, there is something for every property and budget.

Prices start at just £324.95, and the experts provide all forms of fixings and fittings to ensure everyone can achieve a simple installation. To learn more, visit the i-sells website or contact the team. It is important to make efficient changes before the bad weather sets in so that dampness doesn’t have an opportunity to cause problems for another season.