Government advises employers for the delay of furlough claims

It now looks as if the online portal, which employers will use to make claims, won’t be available until the end of the month, said the tax and advisory firm, Blick Rothenberg.

Heather Self, a tax partner at the firm, stated that: ‘The government updated their guidance this afternoon and it looks as if the portal will not be ready by 20th April as promised.

Employers are desperate to get the money into their bank accounts. It now looks as if there will be a further delay until at least the first week of May.

She added: ‘HMRC is working hard to get things up and running, but cashflow is critical and employers need certainty.

‘Let’s hope the system is ready to go and robust next week and is not delayed further.

Nimesh Shah, a partner of the firm, commented that: ‘Businesses desperately need certainty from the government on the timings when the scheme will be active, as they are precariously managing their cashflow on a daily basis.

‘The 10-day delay will come as a blow for a number of businesses who were counting on the money to arrive sooner.

Shah concluded that: ‘A system like this is incredibly difficult to implement and launch and to do it within a matter of weeks was always going to be challenging for HMRC.

‘With the delayed launch, it’s hoped that system is accessible and is able to cope with the inevitably high demand.’


Image credit: Freepik