Freeze-Dried Fruits and Vegetables Market Size to Surpass US$ 182 Bn by 2032

As per the report by Global Market Insights, “Worldwide freeze-dried fruits and vegetables market was valued USD 88 billion in 2022 and will surpass a revenue collection of USD 182 billion by 2032 with an annual growth rate of 7% over 2023 to 2032″.

The freeze-dried fruits and vegetable industry is anticipated to gain strong momentum during 2023-2032 as freeze-drying helps maintain fruits’ original taste, colour, and nutritional value. Besides, it also increases the product’s shelf life by removing 99% of the water content while maintaining 98% of its nutrients. Freeze-dried fruits are as healthy as fresh ones, supporting their adoption over the years.

Moreover, it also retains nutritional value better than other drying procedures. Also, the freeze-drying method maintains the original raw materials’ colour and shape, guaranteeing consumers that the fruits and vegetables are real.

The freeze-dried vegetable segment will account for over USD 43 billion by 2032. These vegetables are capable of rehydrating quickly as compared to dehydrated vegetables. In addition, freeze-dried vegetables can retain their nutritional quality and taste, a key factor anticipated to enhance the segment size over the study period. New product launches would support the market progression in the coming years.

Concord Foods, for example, launched its new freeze-fried vegetable snack line to build on its well-established meal solution product line. The new product portfolio, made with 100% vegetables and without artificial ingredients, offers an alternative to more processed snacks.

The powders & granules segment will depict over 7.5 CAGR through 2032. The powder and granules offer a long shelf life and are ideal for storing food for emergencies. Besides, they also provide similar nutritional value as that of normal food items owing to which it is gaining strong traction. In addition, these can be easily added to other food items such as yoghurt, smoothies, and baked foods to enhance their nutritional value.

The convenience stores segment will showcase notable growth. The increasing number of consumers opting to buy products from convenience stores will positively influence segment growth. In addition, these stores are also targeted at consumers who do not prefer to shop online owing to security concerns.

The North American freeze-dried fruits and vegetables industry will account for over USD 41 billion by 2032. Increasing demand for packaging food products across the region and the surging consumer preference for healthy and nutritional diets will support the regional expansion. The easy availability of multiple freeze-dried food products in diverse price ranges is expected to enhance the regional share further.