For Earth’s Sake – Where shoppers put our planet first

For Earth’s Sake in Cranleigh which opened its doors on Friday 5th April 2019 celebrated three months of trading on Friday 5th July. The shop, which puts the planet, people and provenance before profit, is a significant addition to Surrey’s zero waste, zero single-use plastics shopping experience.

Vanessa Ford-Robbins, owner of For Earth’s Sake, said: ‘We were positive that many of our friends, neighbours and the general shoppers in Cranleigh wanted a way to shop in a more environmental and sustainable way, yet the amazing response we have had has still rather taken us by surprise. The BBC series War on Plastic with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Anita Rani has certainly made people more aware of the harm that unwarranted plastic is causing to our planet, and the ways in which they can mitigate this.  Daily we are having conversations with our customers about how they are making changes in their lives to shop with less plastic, or use less plastic in their homes.  We are also being asked questions both in the shop and in our increasing work in the community about how individuals in their own homes can live in a more sustainable way for the planet.’

For Earth’s Sake, which is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company was opened in April by Jenny Seagrove,  actress, animal rights campaigner and founding trustee of local charity Mane Chance. On opening the shop,Jenny said: ‘Plastic-free means everything to me.  For years I have been discussing with people the issues around single-use plastics and making others aware of the damage we are causing to our precious planet. I have also been following my own words and making changes where I can to reduce my carbon footprint.  This exciting venture helps people change the way they shop and think about what they buy and how they use things.  What a great thing to do.’

Vanessa continued: ‘We have had many achievements at For Earth’s Sake in our first three months, though three key ones have been: 1.) Over 6,000 customers have left with no single-use plastic in their shopping; 2.) Not a single plastic bag has been given out by us for people’s shopping; and 3.) Any waste from For Earth’s Sake, including cardboard packaging, paper, a small amount of food stuffs and recyclable plastic has been fully recycled or reused.

‘If we can assist in showing people that life can be lived without plastic and reduce, and even stop the retail industry’s dependence on single-use plastic we are doing our job. Our customers at For Earth’s Sake are showing that as individuals we can take action and make a difference. Daily, we see passion from our customers about them doing their bit as an individual on saving the planet, saving our environment, and saving animals. Though we have had three months of beneficial and successful trading, this is just the start for us. We are planning much more, both in the shop and in our community, and our customers will help us in achieving our plans, and more importantly be with us on this journey. In July we are launching new ways to shop at For Earth’s Sake, including shared delivery to a number of homes, and also being able to drop off a shopping list which can be picked up from the shop later that day.  More on this soon.”