Food Experts Share 5 Ways You Can Embrace Greek Food Ahead of the Release of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3”

With the long-awaited release of the third instalment of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” this month, food experts from HelloFresh offer ways to embrace Greek cuisine from the comfort of your home.

Considered a heartwarming comedy franchise, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” centres around the Portokalos family and their many weddings.

According to director Nia Vardalos, paying for catering during the production of all films was a snap because when local Greek restaurants learned about it, they sent over masses of free food wherever filming took place.

Mimi Morley, senior recipe development manager from HelloFresh, says: “You can embark on a culinary journey to Greece without leaving your kitchen and explore the flavours that define Greek cuisine. Known for its emphasis on fresh ingredients, bold herbs, and harmonious combinations, Greek food offers a delightful exploration of the Mediterranean palate. It is ideal for vegetarians, vegans and meat-eaters!

“Greeks are known for their love of food, whether eating it themselves or sharing their recipes with others, which is highlighted perfectly in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. So whether you’re planning to see the film in cinemas or waiting for its release on streaming channels, there are some easy, delicious Greek recipes you can whip up at home to enjoy.”

To celebrate the launch of the third film, HelloFresh shares easy-to-make traditional Greek dishes inspired by the franchise that you can try at home.

Moussaka: A hearty layered delight

Indulge in the comfort of Moussaka, a quintessential Greek dish that embodies layers of flavour and history. Succulent layers of aubergine and seasoned minced meat are interwoven. Topped with a velvety béchamel sauce, each bite is a beautiful blend of textures and aromas that transports you to a picturesque Greek village.

Greek salad (Horiatiki): A colourful and delicious dish

Elevate your taste experience with the vibrant Horiatiki, a traditional Greek salad celebrating simplicity and vitality. This medley of ripe tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, red onions, green bell peppers, and Kalamata olives showcases the Mediterranean’s best delicacies. Generous crumbles of feta cheese and a drizzle of olive oil crown this masterpiece, infusing every bite with the essence of sun-soaked landscapes. This Greek dish is perfect for the film’s vegetarian male lead, Ian Miller.

Spanakopita: A savoury pastry extravaganza

Unfold the layers of history with Spanakopita, a savoury pastry that encapsulates the essence of Greek hospitality. This flaky delight is filled with spinach, creamy feta cheese, and fragrant herbs. As you savour each bite, the delicate dance of flavours echoes the time-honoured traditions passed down through generations.

Souvlaki: A culinary ode to simplicity

Experience the heart of Greek street food culture with Souvlaki, a timeless dish that embodies the art of balance. Succulent pieces of marinated chicken, pork, or lamb are perfectly grilled, infusing the meat with a symphony of Mediterranean flavours. Wrapped in warm pita bread and garnished with fresh vegetables and tangy tzatziki sauce, Souvlaki captures the essence of uncomplicated yet profound pleasures.

Gyros: An international favourite

Probably the most famous and popular Greek dish there is, gyros have been recreated worldwide. Like a kebab, a gyro consists of succulent pieces of meat cooked on a rotisserie and wrapped in a flatbread or pita along with salad, onions and various sauces such as tzatziki. Many countries around the world now also include chips or fries in gyros.