Fit in 40 seconds with CAR.O.L: The top fitness hack that the world’s leading biohackers are choosing

CAR.O.L, the AI powered exercise bike, that gives you a personalised, true HIIT workout in a matter of seconds is changing the way we think about exercise. It is being hailed by some of the biggest names in the biohacking community as the future of exercise, with the likes of Bulletproof’s Dave Asprey, Luke Storey and Tim Gray of the Health Optimsation Summit using CAR.O.L for time saving, short workouts.

Biohackers are early adopters who are constantly pushing the boundaries to hack and improve their health and fitness, using proven technological advances to give them quantifiable results to optimise their health.

They love CAR.O.L: it is innovative, disruptive and it works, combining many of the tenets of biohacking, because it uses AI to give a personalised, proven, true HIIT workout, by compressing a full cardio workout into a matter of seconds.

Tim Gray, founder of the Health Optimisation Summit says: ‘saving and using time optimally, being able to quantify your progress, showing amazing measurable results in weeks, makes working out on CAROL biohacking and health optimisation at its finest.’

World renowned Bullet Proof Radio’s Dave Asprey describes CAR.O.L as ‘world changing technology’ and Luke Storey says CAR.O.L is the: ‘kind of biohacking tech that can really change people’s lives.’ Both are now using CAR.O.L to get better results than if they exercised for 30 minutes five x a week.

With two x 20 seconds maximally intense but very short, personalised sprints and a total eight mins to warm up and cool down, a ride on CAR.O.L is the equivalent of a 45-minutes jog. You only need to get on it three times a week to quickly reach your health goals. A session on CAR.O.L supercharges a workout by rapidly depleting glycogen stores and burning fat.

Research has shown that exercising regularly on CAR.O.L can also have a dramatic impact on blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity and studies have shown that using CAR.O.L has a better impact on blood sugar than regular walking for people who are diabetic or insulin resistant.

CAR.O.L, short for Cardiovascular Optimisation Logic, uses AI, based on the data it has on you (weight, body composition and other markers) to do the thinking for you, adjusting your settings in every ride to create customised programmes that will either push you harder or slow you down, until you reach your genetic ‘set point’ for fitness.

An initial body scan helps CAR.O.L build a data picture and uses cutting edge, advanced technology that includes a screen monitor, heart rate monitor, ergometer (most accurate on the market) to take readings from you three times a second. Meaning you reach your fitness and weight loss goals faster than with any other form of HIIT or traditional exercise regimes

This is true HIIT and it has been proven by independent scientific research including a randomised controlled trial by the prestigious American Council on Exercise concluded that working out on CAR.O.L three times a week doubles fitness gains and improves many key health markers.

Rahul Bernath of CAR.O.L says: ‘getting the heart rate up in seconds, and only elevating it for a short time means there is no inflammation or pressure on the tissue but it gives the heart enough workout. It’s the ultimate cardio workout, will rapidly deplete glycogen which triggers a host of molecular change which will increase your fitness. This is true HIIT using Artificial Intelligence to create personalised workouts that make other forms of ‘so called’ HIIT and conventional exercise regimes redundant.’


Image credit: Freepik