World’s first blog psychologist’s book is a hit

He is one of the most recognisable blog psychologists in the world – the first in fact. Founder of psychology website Psychreg and YouTuber Dennis Relojo-Howell has put his wisdom into print with a new chart-topping book that he hopes will help readers look after their mental health.

Let’s Talk about Behaviour is an easy-to-follow compilation of essays highlighting the need for the understanding and caring of mental health. Dennis hopes Let’s Talk about Behaviour will allow him to reach a new audience.

He said: ‘When Psychreg was launched in March 2014, it emerged as a directory of people who are interested in psychology – before moving on to become a dynamic platform it is now. Since then, a number of essays have been published, which convey insights and trends on a range of issues.

‘It has been consistently mentioned in these essays that in the world we live in today, we understand more about our own minds than we have ever done before. The overarching aim of Let’s Talk about Behaviour is not only to offer the latest research trends but to reveal an understanding within psychology, mental health, and well-being. It is hoped that this book will further stimulate a greater understanding and appreciation of mental health.’

Dennis, who now lives in London, grew up in the slums of Manila. But by the age of 25 the highly-subscribed travel blogger had already gained qualifications and even bought his first house. His travel blogs gradually moved towards posts about mental health – a field where he has become highly respected over the past decade.

Let’s Talk about Behaviour allows Dennis to present his reasoning behind what we do and how we can prevent having poor mental health. Dennis added: ‘In my book, I have tried to convey the importance of looking after our mental health and well-being.’

Since the publication of Let’s Talk about Behaviour it has reached number one in Amazon’s psychology and training charts. It has also been awarded entirely five-star reviews. Let’s Talk about Behaviour is available on paperback and Kindle formats.