Luxury retailer back ethical fashion movement

Luxury British brand Celtic & Co are championing the use of sustainable fabrics in the lead-up to Christmas. With many high street retailers launching new collections for the party season, the Cornish homegrown brand are instead highlighting the effect that mass-produced clothing giants using synthetic fibres are having on the environment – and why retailers should take responsibility for the growing microplastic problem in the UK.

Many of the clothing ranges hitting the British high street in the lead-up to Christmas are made from synthetic fibres, and 60% of all clothing is made from fibres such as polyester, acrylic and nylon – all of which derive from plastic. When each item is washed over the party season, harmful microplastics end up back in our environment.  It is estimated that the average household wash load of 6kg, is releasing over 700,000 fibres per wash into UK waterways.

Celtic & Co are making the shift from using man-made fibres and urge British retailers and shoppers during the Christmas period to choose wool. Here’s why:

  • Wool is a natural product that comes from sheep and is renewable
  • Wool breaks down once it’s disposed, further supporting the movement of slow fashion
  • As it decomposes it releases valuable nitrogen-based nutrients into the ground or waterways
  • It doesn’t promote the growth of bacteria

The ‘Celtic & Co Christmas ’19’ collection places emphasis on investing in perfect separates to keep warm and stylish throughout autumn and winter. The new collection features sturdy all-weather boots, classic yet perfect for country-living coats and cosy sheepskin slippers fit to freshen up any winter wardrobe.

With the world finally starting to focus on the damage to the environment that plastics and synthetic fibres are causing from the fast fashion industry, Celtic & Co have flown the flag for renewable and sustainable slow fashion since the company launched almost 30 years ago. The brand are pioneers of the slow fashion movement and strive to create investment clothing for your wardrobe, pieces for life, rather than throw-away styles just for the now.