Fagerhult Celebrates 76 Years in 2021

A family company

Fagerhult is a company that has been around for a long time. And it all started at home. The founding father Bertil Svensson was a curious, open-minded young man that decided to train as an electrician. During the dark winter evenings on the family farm, Bertil would see his mother struggle with her handicrafts in a dimly lit room. It was then that he decided to design a lamp for his mother. When Bertil saw how pleased his mother was with the lamp, he decided to improve people’s everyday lives with luminaires.

Handmade since 1945

Back then, the employees embroidered cross-stitch patterns by hand onto the lampshades. Even though much of the production has been modernised and automated today, it is thanks to individual inspection by the assemblers that the quality of the luminaires is ensured.

‘Fagerhult has always been a reliable partner, and the quality which the brand stands for is something that has built up during 75 years,’ says Daniel Johansson, CEO Fagerhults Belysning AB. During these years the company have seen quite a lot of changes, new innovations and new ways of look at the light. It can only speculate how the lighting industry looks in the future.

The light made for humans

Originated in the dark Swedish forests, the light has always been essential. There is an impact of light, both natural and electric on humans.

‘The business was founded on a wish to make the everyday life easier, and that has always been the purpose with our products,’ says Johansson. ‘We are passionate about lighting, and we want to share that passion with others. Our wish was to celebrate this impressive journey together with friends and colleagues, but due to the situation in the world that could not be done in a safe way. But we hope we will continue this journey for at least another 75 years together with you.’

Some milestones along the Fagerhult journey:

  • 1945: Bertil Svensson registers his company, Fagerhult. It revenues 13 000 SEK the first year.
  • 1947: The first factory in Fagerhult, Habo (Sweden), is built. 6 people, mostly friends and family, are employed.
  • 1969: Luminaire Fabian is launched, which sells in 6 million copies. The first Fagerhult plastic fitting, which revolutionised the assembling.
  • 1969: The first sales office outside Sweden opens (Denmark).
  • 1997: Introduced at the Stockholm Stock Exchange (Nasdaq).
  • 2012: Shift to LED as a primary light source, with its own LED production inhouse.
  • 2020: Fully connected with smart technology possible for all luminaires.