Holiable launches platform indexing sustainable tourism businesses to make eco-friendly travel easier

Holiable is the sustainable travel platform for eco-friendly travellers launched its website to transform the field of conscious tourism. With the growing collective climate awareness and travel accounting for eight % of global carbon emissions, it makes it easier for conscious travellers to find destinations and experiences that are environmentally friendly, ethical, positive and socially inclusive.

Designed for the responsible travel community and eco-curious consumers wanting to make a change, it indexes lodgings, restaurants and activities that are engaged in sustainable tourism. The travel website details the businesses’ green credentials, gives access to travel reviews and allows you to share your own experience.

Holiable was founded by Sophie Castelain, an eco-friendly living and digital marketing expert, with a successful soft launch in France in February 2019. Castelain, also known as the chief exploring officer at Holiable and founder of the travel platform, this is a practical solution for climate conscious travel consumers and to give visibility to sustainable tourism professionals all over the world.

Its goal is to make sustainable travel as smooth as possible and allows responsible travellers to find eco-friendly hotels, green restaurants and ethical tourism activities all in one place.

‘We believe that the tourism of tomorrow should have a positive impact on the people and the places we visit. We want to help travellers find experiences that fit with their conscious lifestyle. We also want to play a role in raising awareness and educating people on the benefits of making sustainable choices while traveling,’ says Castelain.

Holiable is available in both English and French and has indexed over 150 businesses that are involved in sustainable and responsible travel. Users can find eco-friendly places, read trusted reviews from both fellow users and its team give their own opinion, save their favourite place to go and suggest new eco- friendly travel destinations and experiences.

It has lists sustainable and responsible tourism businesses on all continents for all travellers who are willing to discover the world or their own country, with a positive impact on the people and places they visit.

‘As a conscious traveller myself, I was never quite sure if the financial benefits were going directly to local communities, and I struggled to find companies that were truly sustainable,my trips abroad would be at odds with my earth-friendly lifestyle at home. And I know I’m not the only one who struggled with this. After talking to many people sharing the same issues, I realised that today’s travellers have become far more conscious about the effects of climate change, pollution and unethical tourism practices.’

‘I believe travellers are willing to discover the world or even their own country the sustainable way, and that’s why we created the platform. To help them find experiences that fit with their conscious lifestyle, I also want the platform to play a role in raising awareness and highlighting the benefits of making sustainable choices while you travel’ says Castelain.


Image credit: Freepik