Diversity Inspired Opera: ‘A Silver Spoon – The Story of Princess Diana and Dodi’

A Silver Spoon is a new chamber opera created by the talented emerging Anglo-Welsh composer Lisa Logan and David Peimer (librettist). It is the first opera to look at the love story of Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed. It follows the story of two criminals and their plan to steal Princess Diana’s jewellery from a forthcoming Royal exhibition.

In such a tough and tribulating industry, the creators of ‘A Silver Spoon’ wished to both maximise and magnify their cast members to share the ever-important essence of diversity within the arts. Due to the opera’s theme, creating a cast filled with varied ethnic backgrounds was something that was paramount to its creators. 

In the opera, The role of Dodi is played by a classically trained tenor, brought up in India and America, Sandeep Gurrapadi, who shares: ‘It’s been amazing to explore the complexity of these well-known figures (Diana and Dodi) through new music.’

‘In my case, there aren’t many substantial parts written with/for ethnic minorities in mind within the classical world, and it’s wonderful that I have the opportunity to take on this role.’

Recently featured in BBC One Show, Sandeep is a classically trained tenor and composer who has worked extensively throughout the UK, Europe, India and China and now proudly playing the role of Dodi Fayed in the opera Silver Spoon at the Beaumaris Festival on 1st July. 

 The Opera openly explores themes of inter-faith relationships, modern royalty and being born with or without privilege, areas that have never been explored and considered in this uniquely contemporary way before and are something that has been embraced within the Opera world. Composed by the talented emerging Anglo/Welsh composer Lisa Logan with a cast including the renowned opera singer Jeremy Huw Williams