How to Dispose of Your Black Friday & Cyber Monday Parcels

This Cyber Monday and Black Friday, Brits were predicted to spend over £10 billion both on online and offline shopping.

Most people will take advantage of the big discounts and buy most of their Christmas presents for their loved ones today! If last year Black Friday shopping was recorded to have been 80% higher than any other day of the year, this year the percentage is predicted to be even higher.

Once all the gifts are open and packages are thrown away, a lot of them end up in bins and even landfills. To help people be more environmentally conscious this Black Friday, Mark Hall, managing director of Business Waste, has shared his top tips on what to do with all the leftover packages.

1. Cardboard boxes

The easiest way to dispose of these is by first emptying their contents to ensure there’s only cardboard left. Then flatten their surfaces to create space for as many as you need, and fit them in the recycling bin.

2. Bubble wrap

Bubble wraps are made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic, which is the same material plastic carrier bags are made out of. These can therefore be recycled alongside carrier bags in designated bins for plastics that can be found in most large supermarkets.

3. Packaging peanuts 

The most biodegradable of all packaging, these can be easily dissolvable just in water or can even be added to your compost at home.

4. Air pillows

The first step to discarding air pillows is removing all the air from them. Then find out the type of material they are made out of. Most air pillows are made out of polyethene, which is often labelled as “HDPE” or “LDPE”, in which case you can recycle them alongside your other plastics.

5. Foam inserts

There are different ways to recycle foam inserts from packages. The easiest way is to find a foam recycling facility and ensure it’s clean before taking it there. They can also be used for insulation and drainage in potted plants if you choose to keep them.

Mark Hall, co-founder of Business Waste Management and Collection, comments: “Black Friday will see the biggest amount of packaging used all year, with a large amount of it ending up in landfills even in 2023. Hopefully, these tips will help consumers enjoy their gifts and orders in a more environmentally friendly way!”