Disabled students’ complaints increase says OIA annual report

The Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education (OIA) has published their Annual Report today.

Piers Wilkinson, NUS Disabled Student’s Officer commented that: ‘Once again disabled students are over represented in complaints to the OIA, and the Disabled Students’ Campaign is in agreement with the OIA that their figure is an underestimate.’

He added that: ‘It’s clear from this report that disabled students are still forced to go through complaints procedures to fight for their fundamental right to an accessible education with many not reaching the OIA due to the exhausting complaints procedures requiring energy and time some disabled students just don’t have.’

‘Institutions have a duty to make anticipatory adjustments for disabled students, so there shouldn’t be any complaints over the provision of reasonable adjustments for a disabled student.’

Wilkinson concluded that: ‘However, until that point, institutions must ensure they are working with disabled students and staff in removing the barriers they face, as well as ensuring all complaints procedures are co-produced with students.’


Image credit: Freepik