How to Decorate Your Bedroom if You Are a Pisces, According to Experts

19th February marks the beginning of the Pisces season. It is the final sign of the zodiac and is symbolised by the fish.

Like all the water signs, Pisces are sensitive and emotionally focused. This season is about finding ways to bring balance into your life and taking it easy. Your desire to unwind will have an effect on almost every aspect of your life, so why not start by setting the mood in your bedroom?

When imagining a Pisces bedroom decor think of private retreats and spas. This clever and perceptive sign will look for inner calm in the bedroom. This space will be a peaceful haven where you can unwind and relax.

Leading bed retailer, Bensons for Beds, unveils expert ways to bring zodiac-inspired bedroom decor to life. Pairing insight into the element from celebrity psychic and astrologer, Inbaal Honigman, with interior tips from Bensons’ senior buyer, Lauren Jacques, they’ve revealed the ideal bedroom for each star sign element with its inner needs in central focus.

By copying this aquatic sign and sprucing up your bedrooms during Pisces season, which runs from February 19th through to March 20th, all zodiac signs can boost the serenity in their life!

As deep as the ocean, Pieces require comfort in their bedroom decor by using soft, peaceful colours and delicate textures to welcome them in after a long day.

According to Inbaal, “Water signs like to feel embraced. They will have shimmery bedding and lots of soft furnishings and wrap themselves in comfort.” Which Bensons’ Senior Buyer feels is easy to achieve with upholstered headboards and luxurious velvet furniture layered throughout the room.

So, just why is considering your zodiac element ideal for your bedroom decor? According to Inbaal: “When pulling together a bedroom design, it’s important to consider the basics – calming elements, personal tastes, the odd trend, but there needs to be an overarching theme to a room, to make it look like one unit.”

“Using your birth sign, or at the very least – your birth element as the common thread running through each purchase and decision will ensure that you feel at home in your bedroom space at all times.”

For full expert advice on ways to decorate your bedroom based on all four of the zodiac elements visit here.