How You Should Decorate Your Bathroom Based on Your Zodiac Sign to Help You Relax and Unwind

Looking to revamp your home this spring? According to a cosmic expert, here’s why you should embrace your star sign when adding personal touches to your home and exactly how to do it.

Bathroom experts at Sanctuary Bathrooms have collaborated with Lauren Sutton at Virtual Worlds and astrologer Emily Thornton of Solar Sister Tarot, to create 12 stunning, unique CGI images that portray how your dream bathroom should look, according to your horoscope and your star sign personality traits.

While deep-thinking Scorpio loves intense colours and dramatic finishes, grounded Taurus loves a touch of botanical and warm, earthy tones.

Below, astrologist Emily reveals the personalities and characteristics behind each design.


“Bold and feisty, Aries is represented by fire, so they tend to make impulsive decisions. They must carefully consider their bathroom design before settling on the final layout or jumping on the latest trend.

“Aries can reflect their vibrant personalities through bright, fiery orange tones with accompanying flooring that is exciting to the eye, along with some grandeur gold fixtures inside a walk-in shower.”

James adds: “We’re seeing experimentation with mixing heritage and modern in 2023, so the ceramic coral wall tiles combined with the Victorian-esq Salisbury tiles in the flooring is a fitting courageous choice for a fire sign.”

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“Taurus’ are often stereotyped as lazy – but they’re far from it! They understand you can’t be your most productive self without rest. For this, they’ll need a bath and a roomy shower, so they can choose how they spend their downtime.”

“Represented by Earth, Taurus need to feel grounded in their space. They love a rustic-feel with green, brown, earthy tones – and plants-a-plenty. It would almost feel like walking into a jungle! A hanging eucalyptus in the shower is just what they need to reset and refresh.”

James says: “Botanical bathrooms are one of the top trends for this year, and we can see this standing the test of time. With most people using their bathrooms as a haven to relax and reset, adding greenery is fast-becoming a go-to feature in design planning.”

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“The bathroom of a chatty, socialite Gemini must be a talking point! They need interesting features that will get tongues wagging and act as the perfect space to get ready and feel glamorous.

“As they’re represented by air, their space should reflect this with bright, crisp and clean-looking features and modern touches to show off the space, as well as some luxury marble incorporated.”

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“Home-bird Cancer needs a haven to retreat to after a long day. They would find it easier to recharge in a bathroom that makes them feel like they’re relaxing in the ocean, so deep blues and aquatic touches are a must. A huge bubble bath surrounded by candles to wash their sins away is just what they need!

“Cancer would love a large bathroom so they can play their favourite calming music and have it echo around the space whilst they decompress – so a shower is also essential in case they want to sing along.”

James says: “It’s becoming increasingly popular to include the option of a walk-in shower and a freestanding bath, in bigger bathrooms. Not only does this open up the space and add a touch of luxury, but could also add some serious resale value.”

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“Leos are warm, sunny, big hearted and slightly dramatic! They are represented by the sun in astrology, so they are the shining star of the zodiac, and their bathroom should stand out from the crowd.

“In line with the sunny theme, bold yellow tiling with fun patterns would always brighten a Leo’s day. They love to take care of themselves, so a large round mirror opposite a window letting in plenty of light is a must-have, along with a large shower for them to spend time grooming.”

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“Virgos are organised and detail-orientated. Their space should be like walking into a showroom! They need plenty of neat storage space and soft rounded shapes to keep things simple and elegant.”

“The space should feel open, clean, and refined. There should be lots of light and subtle greens and browns to represent the earth. They would also love having a bath and a shower, so they can decide how to spend their downtime when their minds aren’t racing.”

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“Ruled by the planet of love, Libras love a bit of luxury. Their bathroom should have a Grecian style, with statues, pillars, and marble touches.

“They are harmonious, balanced beings and can only channel this when they practice self-care. Their bathroom should have a grand vanity with an illuminated mirror – plenty of space for grooming and laying out all their lotions and potions.”

James says: “There’s been an increase in desire for affordable luxury recently, and a good way to achieve this is by adding touches of history, whether it’s Grecian or some period pieces, along with some gold or brass fittings.”

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“Intense and dark, Scorpio’s bathroom should be like walking into a movie set. The bathroom should be somewhere Scorpio can go to brood and embrace their feelings.

“Like all water the signs – a big statement bath is required for relaxing in deep thought, so this should be a focal point. Some abstract artsy touches, dark, reflective tiling with a pop of colour for some drama, and some mood lighting or candles wouldn’t go amiss!”

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“Sagittarius is the sign of freedom; they’re always on the go. Represented by the fire element, their space should feel welcoming, as they’ll have plenty of friends and family over to stay!

“Bright, warm colours, including mustard yellow with brass fittings and white tiles, should be incorporated. The space should be bright and airy, looking fun and carefree. Sagittarius doesn’t like to be tied down, so there should be a walk-in shower for a breeze-in-and-out vibe.”

James says: “Adding statement tiling to the inside of a walk-in shower, like this colourful marble-effect tile, can do wonders for opening up a space by creating a stunning focal point. Just ensure to include colours from the statement wall in other room areas to tie it all together.”

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“Grounded, hard-working Capricorns need somewhere to relax and switch off their busy minds. The bathroom should be functional without much fuss, so a bath with a rainfall shower would be perfect.

“A warm, earthy vibe is essential for them to feel at home. Deep green tones, botanical touches, wood textures, and a window letting in some gentle light. A set of two sinks would suit a busy Capricorn, so there’s no waiting for space in the bathroom in the morning!”

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“Free-thinking Aquarius is the innovative zodiac sign. They are always thinking outside the box and don’t usually stick to trends. Some people won’t understand their style but that’s okay, as they like to embrace their individuality.

“Aquarius love blue and purple tones, and a bright, airy space. To embrace their quirkiness, there should be a range of shapes and finishes – hexagonal tiles with easy-breezy rounded shapes for some variety, along with pops of pastel colours.”

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“Pisces are spiritual, creative, and sensitive and always feel at home near the water. As they can be quite emotional, their bathroom should be a place to let it all out, so having a statement bath and a luxurious shower is a must.”

“They would love some sea-themed touches through art and tiling. Patterns symbolising the ocean and blue, green, and pink hues to remind them of the colours within the sea.”

James says: “A great place to start when implementing your zodiac theme into your interior space is to look at the element that goes with it. Pisces is a water sign, so we’ve incorporated some aqua-toned tiling that resembles fish scales here. Similarly, we’ve added some earthy and botanical touches for our Earth sign bathrooms like Taurus and Capricorn.”

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Commenting on the 3D designs, James Roberts, director at Sanctuary Bathrooms, says: “The conversation around creating a personalised, relaxing interior space for both physical and mental health is growing significantly each year. Bathrooms are a popular investment for homeowners, particularly now that we’re seeing a trend for having a ‘spa-throom’.

“The creation of these images aims to illustrate how anyone can inject their personality into their home and not be afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to incorporating bold colours, combining the traditional and modern, or even adding a touch of grandeur.”

Lauren Sutton, head of Design Hub at Virtual Worlds, comments: “Designing bathrooms influenced by signs of the Zodiac was a fun and enlightening experience. It’s fascinating to create inspiring spaces tailored to different groups of people using a palette of diverse colours and textures to suit their tastes.”

“I started creating mood boards for each sign by selecting tiles and bathroom products, which gave an insight into how the finished bathrooms would look. Virtual Worlds has many high-end brand partners like CaPietra, Merlyn and Crosswater, so it was easy to drop in the exact products.”

“I love how some designs are colourful and playful like Gemini and bold and vivacious like Aries, while others are dark and cocooning like Scorpio. My favourite has to be Virgo; it is beautiful, serene and a space you will always want to return to relax.”