Dealing with HMRC: A Half Day Live and Recorded Online Conference on Tactics, Practice, and Law

Our new Dealing with HMRC: Tactics, Practice and Law half-day online conference will be held on Wednesday, 20th July. You can either participate live or watch the complete recording in one sitting or several, whenever it suits you. It will be delivered by six top speakers and cover a wide range of topical issues and new twists on perennial problems.

All those who book will also get a video recording of the whole conference after the event. Plus: For the 2nd20th delegates from the same organisation, there is absolutely no extra cost, and for recipients of this email, there is a 20% discount on the price of the first delegate

The price is £225 + VAT, but for recipients of this email, this is reduced by 20% to £180. Furthermore, as this is a per organisation price, up to 20 colleagues can participate free of charge, wherever and whenever they view it. So, for example, stating the rather obvious, if there are 10 of you, the cost reduces to £18 per head.

When booking, use the promo code ‘TPL20’ to activate the discount.  

The conference is designed to appeal to corporate and personal tax lawyers, accountants and tax advisers together with other professionals. It will cover, in a comprehensive series of short sessions, a wide range of important and topical issues, from dealing with Schedule 36 notices to risk assessing non-compliance and the conduct of HMRC on investigations, and lots more.

If you don’t know all the names of your delegates, you can still book for those you know and add additional free delegates at a later date.

For more details, you can view the programme here.

Topics to be covered

  • How to deal with the early stages of inquiries and investigations
  • Schedule 36 notices – what HMRC and can not ask for
  • Conduct HMRC on investigations
  • HMRC intelligence sources and risk assessing non-compliance
  • What HMRC can and cannot ask for in a domicile enquiry
  • Litigating Against HMRC
  • HMRC and transfer pricing
  • Case law update
  • ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) as a tax dispute resolution mechanism


  • Jeremy Mindell, tax advisor and trainer, Primondell Ltd (Chairman)
  • Dilpreet Dhanoa, Field Court tax chambers
  • Harriet Brown, Old Square tax chambers
  • Keith Gordon, Temple tax chambers
  • Andy Sharp, specialist taxation Services Europe
  • Helen McGhee, Joseph Hage Aaronson LLP
  • Sarah Blakelock, tax consultant 

Online conference concept

We have refined the online conference concept into a highly effective and convenient training tool that is as far removed from the boring old one-hour/one-speaker webinar as possible. Instead of one speaker, we have seven. By exposing our attendees to a wider variety of voices, they are, in turn, exposed to a broader range of ideas. Consequently, you can better get to grips with the subject, facilitate a greater understanding of the topic and keep your organisation abreast of new and important developments.

If you have any questions about the conference, send an email.