The dark grey makes my colourful clothes pop even more

When Jessica Frej wished to turn a cellar space into a dressing room, the choice fell on Elfa’s storage system. Today Jessica and her partner get to enjoy a beautifully sparkly room, with enough space to fit all their clothes.

Jessica Frej is a true multi-tasker. Besides being a TV-personality, she is also a cook, cookbook writer and dress designer. And so, when she and her partner moved into a new house, they decided to have a room specially designed for clothing and set aside a rather lacklustre room in the cellar.

‘Like me, my partner is interested in clothes, and we both thought it was important to make this room as smart and functional as possible. Even though the room is relatively big, it needs to fit a lot as there are two of us.’

Jessica is very pleased with how the Elfa system has made it possible for them to make use of the entire wall, from floor to ceiling, and how it allows them to modify their storage as needs and clothes change.

‘In this dressing room, we keep everything from glamorous dresses to sailing gear like life vests. Ski clothes, everyday clothes, party clothes – it’s all here. Some things are stashed away in hidden drawers, but everything is in one room. The amazing thing is that once we had unpacked everything there was still space left over. Some empty shelves, which was lovely.’

And of course, as Jessica is a dress designer, she wished storage that would make her own colourful clothes pop. With grey décor and a click-in system in Elfa’s new and unique colour, graphite, this turned out to be perfectly possible.

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Image credit: Freepik