Cutting-Edge Wine Cooler with Skyscraper Glass Is the World’s Most Energy-Efficient

The world’s most energy-efficient wine cooler has been launched in the UK. Made from materials such as skyscraper glass, the PeVino wine cooler consumes less than half the power of an average model.

It took two years and cost the Danish company PeVino three million Danish kroner to develop the Imperial Eco wine cooler, the world’s most energy-efficient, full-height wine cooler, which was developed in collaboration with external cooling engineers and experts.

An average full-sized wine cooler uses 170 kWh annually, while the brand-new PeVino Imperial Eco model uses only 79 kWh annually. In comparison, an average cooler less than five years old uses an average of 232 kWh annually.

Skyscraper Glass saves energy

A curious but crucial feature of the new Imperial Eco model is the glass used in the cooler door. It’s the same type of glass used in skyscrapers, which can withstand wind and weather conditions at several hundred meters in height. The glass isolates cold and heat and can thus contain the cold more efficiently, significantly saving energy consumption.

Facts about Imperial Eco

  • Low noise levels at only 35 db.
  • It has space for 96 bottles – even champagne.
  • Dimmable LED lights in multiple colours.