“The Crown” Scene Increases “Flavoured Condoms” Interest by 30%

Did you know that Google searches for “flavoured condoms” have surged by a staggering 30% following that scene in the new series finale of “The Crown”?

Given the trending topic, the sexual health experts at Condoms UK felt it was only right to share their insights and advice for anyone wanting to try flavoured condoms for the first time, as well as the reasons why. 

What happened in “The Crown”?  

In one of the final episodes released on Thursday, 14th December, younger brother Harry gifts William some flavoured condoms, sparking a conversation. 

“Since you’ll be flying the nest soon, and because accidents do happen, you’ll all be thanking me later,” Harry says.

Queen Elizabeth then asks her sister, Princess Margaret, “What are they? Sweeties?”

Harry leans over and tells Williams, “Putting them in your mouth is optional. Just a bit of advice!”

Since then, Google searches for “flavoured condoms” have increased by 30% and are only set to increase further as people watch the final few episodes.  

Fit enough for a future king: The many benefits of flavouring condoms

Flavoured condoms are more than just a fun addition to intimacy; they serve a practical purpose too! The flavouring coating has been designed specifically to mask the taste of latex, making oral experiences more enjoyable for most. 

Many neuroscientists have found that certain scents and tastes trigger positive memories in your brain. So, when you select a flavour that excites your senses, be it banana, cherry, or other, the serotonin rush in your brain heightens your overall pleasure, turning every moment into a tasting adventure. 

However, it’s not just a sensory kick that these condoms give; it’s safety, too. Condoms play a crucial role in safeguarding against sexually transmitted infections (STIs), ensuring that pleasure goes hand in hand with protection. Just like in “The Crown,” when Harry bought William the presents as a part joke and part protection as he headed off to university. 

Fancy trying flavoured condoms for the first time? Make sure to use them properly to prevent yeast infections and more.

All that being said, the sexual health experts at Condoms UK want to raise awareness of improper use of this popular protection, particularly for those whose first time it is. 

While flavoured condoms can add a fun twist to your sex life, the majority of condoms should only ever be used for oral sex and are not recommended for vaginal sex due to the potential risks that they pose. 

Their flavouring, often derived from sugar-based ingredients like glucose or glycerine added to the lubricant, could lead to irritation, yeast infections, or disrupt a vagina’s natural PH balance. 

Using them during vaginal intercourse might also compromise protection against STIs and could pose health risks. Therefore, it’s important to only use flavoured condoms for vaginal sex if the packaging explicitly states their safety for this purpose.