Create a Buzz in Your Garden – No Mow May With Johnsons Lawn Seed

For the month of May, Johnson’s Lawn Seed is encouraging gardeners to say “no” to mowing their lawns, in a move to halt the declining numbers of bees, butterflies, and wildlife, as part of Plantlife’s No Mow May initiative. A special new product will also be introduced, helping gardeners to further support our beloved creepy crawlies.

No Mow May returns next month and was first launched in 2019 by the botanical charity, Plantlife to highlight the terrifying loss of natural habitats including almost 7.5 million acres of flower-rich meadows and pastures having been lost since the 1930s. The result is fewer pollinators and fewer insect-eating birds, with entire habitats on the verge of complete collapse. Recognising this, Johnsons Lawn Seed, alongside the No May initiative is highlighting the importance of our gardens, as a place to support vital wildlife.  Small steps, such as having a slightly overgrown lawn or planting wildflowers that are rich in pollen and nectar, will attract beneficial insects and bees to gardens.

How to get involved

No Mow May doesn’t mean messy, overgrown, and scraggy patches of lawn to attract wildlife. Johnsons Lawn Seed’s Celebration Wildflowers Mix – launched for the 2023 season – can take a part of an existing lawn or flowerbed and convert it into a meadow. Containing bright and vibrant annuals, the mix has 17 different flowering species including cornflowers, poppies, cosmos, marigolds, and daisies, providing a diverse assortment of local insects.

Not only do the Celebration Wildflower tins make ideal gifts for garden-loving friends and family, but they also offer an important gift to nature, as the wildflowers will encourage pollinators into gardens, providing nectar for these vital winged insects. Outdoor spaces will come alive with bees and butterflies for months at a time as soon as the flowers appear.   With coverage of up to 15m2 from one tin and an RRP of just £9.99, Celebration offers a lot more for your money and will bring wildlife to your garden in its droves.

In the tin

The Celebration Wildflower Tins contain a stunning mix of flower seeds, chosen to create a riot of colour and attract all kinds of pollinators to the garden:

Common Name Colour(s)


Paper Daisy White/Pink/Purple
Pheasant’s Eye Red/Orange
Pot Marigold Red/Orange/Yellow
Cornflower Blue/Pink/White
Cosmos Pink/Purple
Painted Daisy Red/Orange/Pink/Yellow
Dwarf Morning Glory Blue/Purple/Pink/White
Chinese Forget-Me-Not Blue
California Poppy Multi Colour Mix
Fineflower Blue/Pink
Farewell to Spring Pink/Red/White
Baby’s Breath Red/White
Candy Tuft White/Blue/Pink/Purple
Love-in-a-Mist Blue/Pink/Purple/White
Corn Poppy Red

Why rewilding matters

Bumblebees are by far the most well-known pollinators and without these little buzzing creatures there would be far fewer flowers, fruits, and vegetables growing around us.  According to a BBC report, bees pollinate approximately 70 of 100 crop species that feed 90% of the world, with honey bees alone being responsible for $ 30 billion a year worth of food.

Another benefit of leaving your lawn uncut is it protects butterflies as they lay eggs and food for insect larvae as they grow and develop. There are about 60 types of butterflies in the UK, but they are declining more rapidly in urban areas.  A major scientific report from Butterfly Conservation shows that almost three-quarters of the UK’s butterfly species in the UK have suffered population declines over the last 10 years.

Seeds created by the wildflowers can also be eaten by garden birds and the taller plants will provide shelter for all kinds of wildlife, increasing biodiversity in an outdoor space.  It’s also ideal for the novice gardener as the wildflower lawn is low maintenance, requires little water, and does not require a green thumb to keep it looking bold and beautiful.

Plants grasses too

For those that want to establish grasses as well as flowers, Johnsons Country Meadow Mix when planted in an urban setting is beneficial to support insects and other wildlife.  By planting native wildflowers, you will provide attractive drifts of colour throughout the summer months, as well as maintain the No Mow May pledge.

The Country Meadow Mix is a mixture of native origin as sown by professionals and contains birdsfoot trefoil, black knapweed, and yarrow, as well as grasses including browntop bent, crested dogstail and Yorkshire fog.  The diverse lawn and native wildflowers are both natural and sustainable and are essential for establishing a healthy wildlife community.  Think soft meadow colours, wildflowers, and native plants such as cow parsley, poppies, and buttercups accompanying wispy grasses and you have wildlife-friendly sanctuaries in your backyard.

Get the kids involved

Or why not get the kids involved with No Mow May and use either of Johnsons’ mixes by making a seed bomb? This is a fantastic gardening activity that children will love.  All you need is some wildflower mix, some clay, and compost. Mix with water to form a dough ball. Once they have dried, simply throw them onto your lawn or into your flower bed and watch how a magical meadow of blooms grows.

What’s more, each mixture of Johnsons’ wildflowers will establish within eight weeks. By not mowing the lawn this May, the longer length will create a haven for wildlife, newts, frogs, and hedgehogs to forage, as well as beetles and worms that will also bring birds to your garden to feast on the many invertebrates.

It’s not too late for gardeners to start getting involved now as part of the build-up of the charity’s No Mow May initiative.  Guy Jenkins, Consumer Manager at Johnsons Lawn Seed says: “No Mow May represents an opportunity for homeowners when it comes to native wildflowers and helping to support the biodiversity and nature of their area.  Our Wildflower mixes can help the pressures our pollinating insects and other wildlife faces by creating a sustainable environment within the urban garden.”

Johnsons Celebration Annual Wildflowers are available in 50g tins with an RRP of £9.99.

Johnsons Country Meadow Mix is available in a 200g carton with an RRP of £14.99   Both are available from garden centres or retailers.