‘Cream Tea Debate’: Should Cream or Jam Go on a Scone First?

To celebrate National Afternoon Tea Week, meal box delivery company HelloFresh surveyed the UK to settle the considerable scone debate finally, do you put cream or jam on first?

The results found a North and South divide, with 79% of Northerners choosing jam first, 9% more than Southerners. However, 1 in 3 Southerners prefers to add cream first, with less than a quarter of Northerners agreeing.

But according to Mimi Morley, recipe development manager from HelloFresh, the best way to enjoy a scone is: ‘Not only is it less messy to add jam to your scone first, but it enhances the flavour by having the jam on the bottom half of the scone. You will get a better dose of jam flavour when you take a bite.’

‘If you put the jam on top of the cream, you’ll lose some of the flavours of the jam as your bite will be filled mostly with cream. Therefore, having the jam on the bottom means you get a good mixture of all the flavours and textures in the cream scone when you’re eating.’