Which Countries Get Most Paid Annual Leave Per Year?

We could all use some time off, especially under the highly stressful times we live in. Rest can do wonders for our creativity and problem-solving, and neglecting time off work can impact work productivity. 70% of workers agree that they feel fatigued if they go too long without a break. 56% of workers also feel stressed if they don’t take annual leave regularly.

However, annual leave time is not the same for everyone, and each country has their own set of laws regarding annual leave. In some countries, annual leave entitlements vary depending on the length of service in a job. In some other countries, employees with children get more annual leave than those without.

With that being said, the online language platform Preply has researched which countries worldwide receive the most significant amount of paid annual leave and the fewest. Let’s take a look at who came out on top.

The two countries tied with the highest amount of paid annual leave are Brazil and Spain, which boast 30 days. This is followed by Russia and the UK, which offer 28 days of paid annual leave.

Luxembourg allows 26 days on paid leave, while Sweden and France offer 25. In contrast, the US is the country that legally provides the least amount of paid annual leave, with zero days. China and the Philippines offer five, while Mexico and Thailand offer six days each.

The report by Preply also researched the countries across the globe which work the most hours per year. The average number of working hours in London, UK is 2,003, but how do other cities compare? Coming in number one, as the city which works the most hours in Hanoi, Vietnam, with citizens working on average 2,691 hours, or 10.5 hours a day.

Mexico City, Mexico, came in second place as the city which worked the longest hours, 2,622 in total for the year. On the other side, we have Stockholm, Sweden, which perform the fewest hours of the year, an average of 1,424. This is followed by Luxembourg, Luxembourg, which works on average 1,427. London, UK is positioned in the middle with average working hours equating to 2,003 hours a year.