Cosmic Kids Founder Jaime Amor Celebrates 10 Years and Expands into the Streaming Market

World’s leading Kids’ Mindfulness and Kids Yoga Brand expands into streaming with a series of audio adventures. Cosmic Kids is now used in over 250,000 schools across the globe and is watched by 3.5 million kids.

Streaming is an extension of Jaime Amor’s ongoing strategy to inspire children to get moving for mental health and well-being. Free content launching on Sky, Spotify, YouTube and Further Digital Streaming Platforms from today.

In celebration of her 10th anniversary, revolutionary story-telling yoga superstar Jaime Amor, who gets millions of children worldwide moving every week, has announced an album of brand-new audio adventures available today on streaming platforms.

In addition, free content across YouTube and Sky Kids is also out today. The initiative is part of Amor’s ongoing strategy to inspire children to get moving for mental health and well-being.

Dubbed the “modern-day Mary Poppins”, Amor supporters include Barack Obama, the Kardashians, Paul McCartney and the European Space Agency ( Amor recently worked with the female commander of the ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti doing Yoga in Space).

Over the last 10 years, Amor has provided a range of mental and physical health content for kids. Cosmic Kids is now used in over 250,000 schools across the globe and is watched by 3.5 million kids each week, becoming the world’s leading kids’ yoga and mindfulness brand.

Not only has Amor amassed a massive following for the yoga adventures, but she has also created a suite of other series to include mindfulness, meditation and music to create an entertaining package of high-quality content to make a positive difference in kids’ well-being worldwide.

For the first time, Amor is releasing new audio adventures on streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple and Amazon, to help kids sleep or relax in school.

The audio album will feature calming spoken word adventures, which help kids feel safe, calm and connected to their imaginations.

Cosmic Kids will also release more free content on YouTube and Sky. This is all part of Jaime’s mission to make mental and physical health tools accessible for all kids. Cosmic Kids will also be showcased across many of the UK’s family-friendly festivals this summer. `
Jaime is on a crusade to help kids understand the importance of balanced screen time. This year, Jaime will launch a range of positive free-to-view videos and resources for teachers, parents and kids designed on key subjects from childhood obesity, online bullying, social media trolling, misinformation, algorithmic behaviour (why you’re fed the content you see), doom-scrolling and online gaming.

Amor has trained 4500 kids yoga teachers, and more than 30000 people have done her free kids yoga training course. Most kids accessing Cosmic Kids in schools are from state schools, dispelling the myth that affluent kids are just practising yoga and mindfulness.

Through her videos and audio series, Amor seeks to develop children’s resilience, help them recognise their emotions and enable them to deal with challenges. She speaks directly to the child, building up their repertoire of yoga poses, increasing strength, flexibility and stamina, helping them become more self-aware and reach a calm equilibrium.

Children don’t see Jaime delivering messages that can result in improved physical and mental health. Instead, they love the fun and the jeopardy in the adventures in which Jamie plays every role, and they let her know which new characters or films they would like to see explored through yoga.

According to Jaime: “The physical and mental benefits of yoga, the very nature of sitting quietly with their thoughts, help kids to not just process tricky emotions, but also to identify them in the first place. Life is about understanding yourself, and that time to reflect only happens when we’re calm.”

“We want to put out content that is accessible to kids and make sure that there is enough that is free for them. This year we will be making more videos with engaging content for kids and keep banging the drum for healthy and active screen time.”