Clinic Les Alpes, one of the best health, wellness, and rehabs in the world

Clinic Les Alpes is a luxurious, ultra-modern detoxification and inpatient treatment facility in Switzerland. It provides medical care and extensive programming for addiction and concurrent disorders for adults.

There are a number of therapies and special amenities offered throughout the treatment experience, as well as evidence-based approaches and individualised programmes that include the Minnesota model and 12 levels. Accommodation and food Clients of Clinic Les Alpes live in the renovated historic Alpine castle, which offers luxury such as a quiet spa, a high-end restaurant and a quiet room. There are 27 bedrooms, of which there are private bathrooms.

Rooms are fully furnished with queen beds, desks, dressers, and balconies that open and offer breathtaking panoramic views of the snow-capped mountains that surround the property. Common areas include a library, study, salon and terrace. The entire residence is decorated with antique furniture and Persian carpets with a touch of old world elegance.

Additional features include wood-burning fireplaces and several peaceful places within the building that customers can retreat to when they need a moment for themselves. Customers are served three nutritious meals a day in the restaurant. The menus are prepared by a world-class chef and differ in terms of cuisine and style. The residents work with the nutritionist and chef’s staff to create their ideal meals. Treatment and staff Les Alpes Clinic offers on-site medical detoxification and ensures that the client is stabilised before a daily treatment plan is drawn up.

The staff encourages clients undergoing detoxification to participate in group therapy and other activities as long as they are willing to do so. Each client has a psychiatric exam upon arrival. Drug management can be made easier if necessary. In fact, there is a qualified local psychiatrist who can help clients find a healthy balance with their medication.

The programs are designed for 28 days, but it is possible to stay longer if necessary. Individual sessions and multiple group sessions are offered twice a day during the week. Approaches include art and music therapy, adventure therapy, mindfulness, and meditation. There are also a number of additional wellness services, including doctor and dentist visits, smoking cessation, and eye health exams.

The staff at the Les Alpes Clinic consist of experienced psychiatric professionals and medical staff. There are doctors and nurses, as well as psychologists and LPCs. The medical spa offers a state-of-the-art, fully equipped gym, Pilates and yoga rooms, a sauna, a hammam and an infinity pool where customers can swim inside out. There is also a massage room that is available to customers throughout their stay.

A very extensive family program is offered, which includes a short stay in the facility and aftercare. In total Clinic Les Alpes is the cream of the crop when it comes to holistic treatment in a beautiful setting. Customers can expect comprehensive care with many luxurious amenities. It is also a high-end option for those looking for dual diagnosis support.

*** Image credit: Freepik