Chubb Announces Ground-Breaking Partnership With Skyresponse

Chubb, one of the UK’s leading telecare and telehealth solution providers, is pleased to announce an exciting and innovative partnership with the Swedish cloud-based alarm management software provider, Skyresponse. This brand-new partnership, the first of its kind in the UK for Skyresponse, enables Chubb to launch Cloud Care Control, a true cloud-based, remote personal care alarm monitoring platform solution.

Utilising Skyresponse’s alarm management platform and embracing the switch to the Next Generation Network (NGN) infrastructure, Cloud Care Control will provide fast and effective remote monitoring of personal alarms for end-users of public sector organisations, including councils, health and social care providers and housing associations.

The new and future-proofed solution will provide instant help and care through monitoring and response to activated devices and equipment such as care alarms and associated peripherals. In turn, this will support Chubb Community Care’s vision for enabling vulnerable persons to remain as independent as possible and remotely aid those patients in recovery, providing them with remote access to care.

With an emphasis on open design and interoperability at its core, Cloud Care Control provides scalability in adding new services and products to suit customers’ specific service needs and enable them to take full advantage of the benefits that a fully digital solution will bring to service users support.

Shaun Moscrop, general manager for Chubb Community Care, said: ‘We’re delighted to have signed a partnership with Skyresponse to bring this pioneering life protecting service to the UK and Ireland. Through innovations in technology, remote care is now much more accessible for both the providers and end-users. We’re delighted to be leading the way in providing a solution that will protect people from living healthy and independent lives.’

‘Our new Cloud Care Control solution is further evidence that Chubb is now moving ahead of the curve when it comes to digitalisation and innovations in telecare, ultimately meaning better care for our end users.’

Martin Reidevall, CEO at Skyresponse, said: ‘We are happy to be part of Chubb’s offering to the UK and Ireland. This partnership is the right step for Skyresponse to fulfil our vision of improving lives in a connected world.’

‘We are by far the fastest growing platform for alarm management in the Nordics Elderly care market, where our customers harvest the benefits of digitalisation. With this partnership, we can now also change the UK and Irish market with a platform that already today can provide the benefits available once digitalisation has happened, and that means the Chubb customers can offer better and more secure service to their end-users.’

Chubb’s Cloud Care Control service will be available from June 2022. For more information, visit here.