12 days of Christmas quiz

With the festive season well and truly underway, an online tutoring platform has got into the Christmas spirit by creating “the best Christmas Quiz ever” for people to test their festive knowledge. The “12 Questions of Christmas” quiz covers subjects from the origins of Santa Claus to wacky Christmas traditions, so even the most enthusiastic Christmas fan may find getting top marks a challenge.

An online tutoring platform has created “the best Christmas Quiz” to test participants festive knowledge and get them in the Christmas spirit. With 12 main quiz questions (one for each of the 12 days of Christmas), plus one bonus question, there’s plenty of opportunity for participants to show off their Christmas expertise.

The quiz creators, Tutor House, help hundreds of students to reach academic success every year and endeavour to make learning as fun and engaging as possible. The company wanted to give their students an opportunity to enjoy themselves and get into the festive spirit, whilst learning a few things about Christmas and it’s history too.

Tutor House has made the multiple-choice 12 days of Christmas Quiz available on its site for the public to enjoy, and so that participants can test their friends and families festive trivia skills: https://tutorhouse.co.uk/blog/christmas-quiz

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Alex Dyer, CEO and Founder of Tutor House, said:

“Everyone has been working hard all term and, while we’re definitely not saying you should drop the books completely, all students also deserve to enjoy themselves over the festive period. To that end, we thought we’d create a Christmas Quiz to see just how much our students know about the festive season and its history – and get them into the Christmas spirit too!

Christmas is a great time for games and friendly competition, so we can see this quiz being a fun thing to do with friends and family to see who has the best Christmas brain. Whether you come out as a Christmas King or Queen, or feel a bit of a turkey, we hope everyone will enjoy it and maybe learn a thing or two too.”