Two Amazing Special Offers for Christmas from CAROL the AI HIIT Bike That Gets You Fit in 40 Seconds

CAROL is smart tech for smart people who don’t have the time or inclination to spend hours at the gym. Working out on CAROL takes 40 seconds of hard work and under nine minutes in total to achieve a true HIIT workout on a bike that uses AI to make sure you get the maximum impact for your efforts to lose weight and get fit in the shortest amount of time. It is the ideal gift for anyone who values their fitness and health and wants to get fit quickly.

Why waste time going for a run, sweating in a spin class or working out at boot camp for an hour when you could be doing more of the things you love with the people you love? The days of spending time getting workout ready, showering and sweating in the gym are finally over, you won’t sweat on CAROL and a quick ride on CAROL has been scientifically proven to give you the same workout as a 45-minute jog. Now’s the time to put CAROL on your Christmas wish list and we’ve now got two amazing special offers available.

Get £200 discount and free chest belt. With guaranteed delivery by Christmas with a special delivery: use code carol4xmas and Get £500 discount and free chest belt use code cm700 and. Due to high demand, delivery times are currently four to six weeks.

And, if you’re thinking this is too good to be true, CAROL has been independently tested by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) in a randomised, controlled independent trial against longer duration, government exercise guidelines. CAROL doubled the benefits and outperformed on all 11 health markers.

Available to buy online and to try and buy in London’s Selfridges Smart Tech department discover how the scientifically proven CAROL bike uses artificial intelligence to replace a lab exercise physiologist, and personal trainer to give you the most personalised, optimised and shortest, most effective workout. CAROL will change the way you exercise forever.

You only need to get on CAROL three times a week to quickly reach your health goals. A session on CAROL supercharges a workout by rapidly depleting glycogen stores and burning fat. Just spend under nine minutes on the bike, with 20 seconds of personalised, maximally intense sprints, and you’ll be immediately ready to get on with your day.

CAROL, short for Cardiovascular Optimisation Logic, uses AI, based on the data it has on you (weight, body composition and your performance in each ride) to do the thinking for you, adjusting your settings in every ride to create customised programmes that will either push you harder or slow you down, until you reach your genetic set point for fitness.

An initial body scan helps CAROL build a data picture and uses cutting edge, advanced technology that includes a screen monitor, heart rate monitor, ergometer (most accurate on the market) to take readings from you three times a second. CAROL has a dramatic impact on blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity and studies have shown that using CAROL has a better impact on blood sugar than regular walking for people who are diabetic or insulin resistant.

Rahul Bernath of CAROL says: ‘Give the ultimate gift of health to someone you love. The incredible science behind this bike means that in 8 weeks of following CAROL’s uber short protocols, three times a week, you will reach your fitness, health and weight loss goals faster than with any other form of HIIT or traditional exercise regimes.’