Butcher Shares the Best Cuts of Meat for Curries for National Curry Week

As we celebrate National Curry Week (2nd-8th October), a butcher from online meat delivery company, Campbells Meat, has shared the best cuts of meat to use in curries.

“When making a curry, the choice of meat can greatly impact the flavour and texture of the dish. Different cuts of meat have varying levels of tenderness and fat content, which can influence the cooking method and cooking time,” said Darren Menzies, Craft Butcher at Campbells Prime Meat.

  • Chicken thigh

  • Bone-in chicken

  • Beef stew meat

  • Shoulder cuts

  • Lamb Shoulder

  • Pork shoulder

  • Goat stew meat

  • Firm fish fillets

  • Prawns

“People often go straight for chicken breast in the supermarket, but the best cut of chicken is usually chicken thigh as they are more flavourful and tender, or bone-in chicken such as drumsticks or thighs, as they can add extra flavour to the curry.

“In our survey of the cuts of meat people use in their curry, we found that beef mince is popular. However, I recommend beef stew meat as it becomes tender and absorbs the flavours of the spices and sauce or shoulder cuts as they are suitable for slow cooking.

“So, when choosing meats for your curries, the best option is often the cuts that are good for slow cooking. This includes lamb shoulder and pork shoulder, as well as goat stew meat.

“If you’re opting for a fish curry I recommend using firm fish fillets (e.g., cod, tilapia, or salmon), they cook relatively quickly which is a bonus for a quick dinner. For seafood curries, prawns are excellent choices as they cook rapidly and absorb the flavours of the sauce.”

Campbells Meat survey data of 1,000 UK citizens has shown that it’s actually the younger generation (Gen-Z) who are more likely to use untraditional cuts of meat. 

This could be because it is more readily available in supermarkets and possibly a little bit cheaper in comparison to beef or steak cuts.

When it comes to making a curry or stew, the younger age groups are again more likely to use chicken breast, while the older generation (those aged over 65) tend to stay true to tradition and opt for a beef rump. Could it be because beef rump or other red meat cuts are more expensive? Or is it just that they have gone “out of fashion”?

Darrin Leslie, Head Butcher at Campbells Prime Meat stated:  “Many people avoid beef due to believing it’s too expensive or old fashioned, however, there are lots of cuts of beef you can enjoy on a budget that are just as delicious when prepared correctly. If you season these cuts of meat up in the correct steak marinades and cook them properly, they taste amazing and are great for weeknight dinners.”

Campbells Prime Meat has so many cuts of meat including pork, chicken and beef that can be used as traditionally – or bizarrely –  as you like. They even have a weekly meat box to help people try out new cuts of meat.