Britain’s Most Attractive and Unattractive Car Features, Research Reveals

New research by Compare the Market has uncovered the car features. Brits think are the most attractive and unattractive by surveying over 2,000 UK drivers. But while drivers may look to modify their cars to enhance their appeal, they need to be aware that this could land them penalty points and fines or even invalidate their car insurance.

Tinted windows are considered the most attractive car feature 

Tinted windows are the most attractive car feature, chosen by one in ten (14%) Brits. This is followed by strong-smelling air freshener (12%) and custom alloys (12%).

Tinted windows are revealed as the most attractive car feature, chosen by one in ten (14%) Brits. This is followed by strong-smelling air freshener (12%) and custom alloys (12%).

Although tinted windows are considered the most attractive car feature, drivers must be cautious when fitting them. There are regulations around the amount of tint front windscreens, and side windows can have, and not complying with them could result in a penalty notice or court summons. Drivers may also be unable to use their car until the extra tint has been removed.

Motorists could also invalidate their car insurance if they don’t inform their insurer about car modifications, such as custom alloys.

Unsurprisingly, a messy and dirty car interior is revealed as the most unattractive car feature. This is followed by modifications to make the car exhaust loud (35%) and a dirty exterior (22%).

Having a messy, dirty car can have serious consequences. Mess inside can get caught in pedals and lead to serious accidents, while a dirty exterior could land you with a hefty fine if the dirt obscures your number plate – by law, this has to be readable at all times.

Modifications to make car exhausts loud were voted the second most unattractive feature (35%), although BMW drivers disagree as almost one-fifth (19%) voted this as attractive. Bobbleheads on the dashboard (20%) and things hanging off the rear-view mirror (19%) round off the top five.

Alex Hasty, director at Compare the Market, says:  ‘Although many car modifications and enhancements are considered to make a car look more attractive, it’s important drivers are aware that performance and cosmetic alterations can affect the cost of their car insurance. And if they don’t inform their provider about them, they could invalidate their car insurance altogether.’