Brass Bands at Christmas Fronted by Angellica Bell

You may not know it but you probably have an enthusiastic bunch of talented local musicians who regularly perform in a brass band near you. You might even have several brass bands within your local community.

You might be more familiar with the sights and sounds of a band, through performances at the village fete or down your local high street. But it’s Christmas time when brass bands truly come into their own, a time when bands can traditionally be found out carolling in their local communities.

From the outset of the pandemic, however, these groups saw their main source of income disappear in an instant and many are still struggling to survive. Without urgent support, we risk losing our country’s musically rich brass banding heritage forever.

That’s why this Christmas, bands have come together as part of the #BrassBandsAtChristmas campaign, to offer a series of unique rewards to anyone who pledges a donation, such as having a band perform on your doorstep for you and your neighbours.

Fronted by popular TV and radio presenter Angellica Bell, and organised by Brass Bands England and the Crowdfunder platform, the campaign features dozens of bands from across the county.

Angellica commented: ‘Through chatting to those involved in brass bands, I’ve learnt that being part of a band isn’t just a hobby, it’s a way of life. Bands are providing both musical and social opportunities for people of all ages in local communities across the country, and those involved in this campaign are trying to keep that going for years to come.

‘I’ve got great memories of bands playing carols at Christmas time, so I can’t wait to see which bands near me will be out performing, and what rewards they’ll be offering to those who donate. I’d urge everyone to visit the Crowdfunder page to find out more.’

Bands taking part in the campaign include the Blackburn & Darwen Band in Lancashire, Bournemouth’s Youth Marching Band, and St Pinnock Band in Cornwall. Funds raised will be used for anything from running a youth project to finding new players, purchasing much needed new instruments, or fixing the bandroom roof.

To support brass bands this Christmas please visit Crowdfunder.